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PuluSiBagoomba 06-27-2007 05:48 PM

Nauticat 44 motorsailer vs Nauticat 42 pilot house
Looking for opinions on which boat would make a better blue water liveaboard, a Nauticat 44 motorsailer or a Nauticat 42 pilot house. Or do you have another choice in this category?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

sailingdog 06-27-2007 11:13 PM

Personally, I would go with the Nauticat 42 Pilot house. I think the side opening doors on the Nauticat Motorsailer can be a problem in heavy weather and seas. You'd really need to talk to TrueBlue or ChristyLeigh, who have the Motorsailers.

TrueBlue 06-28-2007 08:43 AM

I'm no Nauticat expert, but have become obsessed by these wonderful boats. I've also not been on the NC42 pilothouse, but have been on the NC44 Traditional Motorsailer. Additionally, I've been in contact through the years with various owners of both. They are different yachts intended for different tastes and personal preferences.

The NC44 is actually a larger version of my boat, in most respects. It is a ketch with a full keel. Ours is proportionally a taller rig than the 44, has the modified full keel and a skeg-hung rudder - a cross between fin keel and full. The sails on the NC44 are relatively smaller than the NC42, being a ketch rig, so the boat's easy to single hand - with less stress on an older couple as well. The boat's a very comfortable hybrid, capable of motoring or motorsailing at speeds exceeding 10 knots . . . can't testify to the sailing performance of the NC44, but ours is a pretty decent sailor.

Our NC33 also has fuel tanks which hold 160 gallons and a 140 gal fresh water tank - enabling long passages without refilling. She tracks exceptionally well and is stable under all points of sail. I'm certain the NC44 has even larger tanks.

Here's a smaller scale drawing of my NC33 - as a comparison:

There are various interior plans to suit different needs - family or liveaboard couple.

SD's comment re: side doors being problematic in heavy weather is not entirely true. We have port/starboard sliding doors with wide side decks. Regardless of what tack we're sailing on, we can always safely egress the pilothouse and cabin interiors on the high side. I actually prefer not having a companionway off the aft cockpit/helm - creates more room for seating and less disruptive traffic.

This is the Nauticat most preferred by liveaboards who want to cruise comfortably and safely, with minimal efforts.

The NC42 Pilothouse is a sloop, designed to provide for improved sailing performance. As I said, I haven't been on one, but do like the lines and overall concept over the more traditional motorsailer.

If you haven't already done so, check out the Nauticat web site.

christyleigh 06-28-2007 09:33 AM

Except for the Obsession:rolleyes: I see a few things a bit differently than TB. I wanted the fantastic amount of room that the Traditional Motorsailor offers even in the little 33 or 331 - it's like a little split level house with a dining room view to die for. The 321 which is of the sleeker Pilothouse side of the Nauticat line has no where near the amount of living space. I wanted fairly new, so the 331 was the only just barely affordable option for me.
When you get into the 40' range though the difference in living space becomes less of an issue. The whole 'Bluewater' thing is an ugly topic but I agree with the EU Certification on this point - that the sliding - NON-Watertight doors make it a 'B' not an 'A Offshore' rated boat. In my Never Humble Opinion I don't think they are a structural problem but they can ship water even on a very extreme heal with some confused seas. I think it is 'user fixable' if you, as many do, just plain like the Traditional models better.... but as is I wouldn't want to be so far away from shore that I could get caught in some really bad stuff. It is one of my projects .... one of these years to with a few added strips of wood make them basically as watertight and secure as companionway hatch boards are.

sailingdog 06-28-2007 11:32 PM

Thanks guys... ;)

Valiente 06-29-2007 12:24 PM


Originally Posted by TrueBlue
The NC42 Pilothouse is a sloop, designed to provide for improved sailing performance. As I said, I haven't been on one, but do like the lines and overall concept over the more traditional motorsailer.

Wow. I have a transom hung rudder and a full keel, but that NC42 is otherwise close to my boat from the waterline up. I think I am beginning to understand why people think it's some kind of mutant Nauticat from a distance:

ceberon 06-29-2007 04:01 PM

Nauticat rules
I think Nauticat designs are very excellent choices for liveaboards. I'd vote for the pilot house myself, but it may be more of a personal choice.

The default tankage on these boats is excellent, and from what I've read, they have excellent construction quality as well. Good luck :D

PuluSiBagoomba 07-03-2007 12:51 PM

Thanks for your input, I appreciate the comments.

christyleigh 07-06-2007 02:50 PM

Nauticat - The Racer
Here's a little something from the Nauticat Email List -
I thought the group would like to know,
NC 44 Galaxsea took 2nd place in her division in the Great Pacific Long Pac race.
The long Pac is a singlehanded 400 mile ocean race from the Golden gate bridge to longitude 126.4 and back.
Galaxsea took 11th place out of a fleet of 30.
The results can be seen at the single handed sailing society's webb page.
Daniel Willey
NC44 Galaxsea

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