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prariedog 07-06-2007 11:47 AM

Live Aboard first sailboat new to sailing community
Hi everyone,
We are new to the sailing community withour first sailboat a 34' Hunter we purchased 2 weeks ago. So far we have run into a miriad of small problems.
The worst of which is the motor will not idle at lower than 950 most times 1000 rpm. Thru some injector cleaner in the fuel to see if that will help. (all fuel lines purged of air and both fuel filters replaced)

The better half told me yesterday she hated every inch of the boat not a good thing. She said her sailing experience so far is a headache. (she does have bad headaches)

We are workign it out. The previous owner used the boat for a party boat never sailed it and never did the proper upkeep so were sorting things out.

We are in Carolina Beach NC and we are finding that live aboard slip space is far and few between or nill at best. You cant mention live aboard at any most of the yacht clubs, infact the older gentlman at the yacht club we are at now told us he hates sailboats (oh well).

The yacht club we are at now was setup for us for initial get together with the boat and fix the fuel pump on the yanmar. Has turned into a nightmare.

They are now asking us how soon it will be before we will be on our way, I guess we have over stayed our welcome been a little over a week. The dock master told us we might have to go on the hook if we dont get things sorted fast.


Problem there is we are both new to sailing ha

Have found a nice little place up at swan point marina nice people and we think it wil be home for awhile. Will be going up there under power in the next day or 2 as soon as we find someone to help us pilot it up there.

The better half is not happy with my piloting it up there myself on our first joy ride.

I want to say that I concider myself lucky to have found this forum, the weatlh of information is overwhelming and a great asset to us. Thank You all for being there. The sailing community has greated us with open arms in most cases but dealiing with large condo yacht clubs can be a different story in it self.

Live aboard is a freedom not understood by most and we are sure glad even with the start up problems that this has been a good choice for a new lifestyle and quite a change.

The name of our new vessel is the Saga and I am sure we will have Saga's to share and enjoy with others on our new venture into a new world. As a friend has told me that lives in Australia the world is our oyster now, just sit back relax and enjoy.

Again thanks for being there.
Enjoying all the threads specially the one about cats since we have one that loves to be on deck.

knotaloud 07-06-2007 11:57 AM

OMG, you really jumped in with both feet! Good for you. I've grown up living aboard and will prbly never live on land, but as you've already found out, not everyone likes liveaboards. You really need to find the right marina. We have moved at least a 5 times in the last 10 years, but have finally found a great spot (in a house boat community). Stick with it, try some sailing lessons and take your wife to a nice resteraunt at least once a week, (advice from my dad).

sailhog 07-06-2007 12:03 PM

Your first order of business should be to either pour yourself a cocktail and relax, or pop a Prozac. Don't know you from Adam, but you sound depressed, brother. Now say this whenever things start to feel a little overwhelming: I'm a sailor damn it. I can handle anything.

Your next two orders of business should be to tackle your engine problem. There are lots of wonderful people on this site who will answer your specific questions. Start coming up with specific questions for them. Once you're mobile, your mood will improve. Your wife's headaches might even go away. Might want to buy her a great big bag of pharmaceuticals just in case.

eryka 07-06-2007 01:04 PM

Prariedog - My thoughts from the 'girl' point of view:

First, get yourselves to a congenial marina ASAP. Half the joy of living aboard is the simplicity and wonderful water views, the other is the supportive community of other boaters. Just being around kindred spirits will help your mood and your SO's - and you can probably cash in on some live advice from your new neighbors.

Second, if the boat was a trashed party boat, indulge in some cosmetics (new cushions, whatever) to make it pleasant to live in. Even if you don't sail your own boat right away and do all your sailing on a teaching boat. Pleasant surroundings instead of someone else's grunge will help both your moods too.

Third (or maybe first?) congratulate yourselves on investing in a dream. Other than accepting when Dan proposed marriage, moving aboard was the smartest lifestyle decision I ever made. Love it!!! no turning back!

conrat66 07-06-2007 01:24 PM

Hell give yourself a great big Pat on the back you are actually doing it. I have been a couch sailor for many monthss now and am having trouble gettin OFF the couch sittn in front of this should be navigation aide and going for it CONGRATULAT"IONS

sailingdog 07-06-2007 04:21 PM

Eryka's advice is always sound. ;) A good marina is like a good neighborhood, and makes a huge difference. It doesn't even matter whether they are powerboaters, sailors or houseboaters... just as long as they're good people. My marina is a mix of powerboaters, fishermen and sailors... and a good group over all.

When you have questions, post as much information and context to the problem, and I can guarantee that you'll get some solid answers.

Nothing is more annoying than when someone posts a question like, "My boat's engine keeps quitting on me, what should I do?" and they don't mention that they boat is new to them, but was sitting in a marina for six years neglected, and has six-year-old, untreated diesel fuel in it... If they had given us all the information to start with, they could be up and running that much sooner. UGH.

Good luck, and let us know if we can help.

camaraderie 07-06-2007 04:26 PM

Congrats on the boat...Swan Point is a bit of a dump but the people are nice AND they have the ability to get your problems fixed.
Suggestion...pump out your tanks and get them "polished" ...there is probably lots of crud in there if the boat was sitting a while. Carry lots of racor filters and learn how to change 'em and bleed your enggine. Was the idling a problem whe you bought the boat? What did your engine survey say? Good luck!

Kimandray 07-13-2007 07:05 PM

Hello guys,
I also am a new sailing woman... Coming along with my husband... I had many headaches too for a while... the waves, the wind, the lack of showers and shore, however, here we are in the Bahamas.... with the beautiful beaches and the marinas that cater to sailboats... yes, there are powerboats too, but many fellow sailor on small and huge sailboats. They have been so helpful and fun... We had some cocktails and appetizers in the cockpit and sharing of stories and fun... Don't give up... sail on... there are more nice and helpful marinas and people out here than what you've evidently run into... Maybe we'll see you on the water... and we can always lend a hand...
Ray and Kim on NuTrix....

therustons 08-24-2013 01:07 PM

Re: Live Aboard first sailboat new to sailing community
First, I see that this thread was started 5 years ago.... so, if you are still here, how are things NOW? My husband and I are just now selling our things and moving to the ocean -- with the dream of buying and living on a sailboat. He has some experience sailing and I have NONE! I am not afraid of the new experience, but I am excited. However, after much reading on here.... I am beginning to wonder. Please tell me it is all worth it! :)
Thanks and I am looking forward to hearing from everyone.

xort 08-27-2013 07:29 AM

First question....
Do you plan on sitting at one marina most of the time or full time cruising?

Marina sitting might as well be on a power boat, they have more open spaces and are generally more like an apartment.

Cruising can favor a sailboat, tho plenty do it on trawlers as well. That gets into the next set of questions on where you will cruise. ICW cruising is a toss up between sail & trawler. Going offshore, even just to the bahamas begins to favor sail. Of course personal desire can supersede other data points.

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