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prariedog 07-06-2007 11:59 AM

Internet/Broadband Access
We are new to the sailing community. I love my internet. We are in Carolina Beach N.C. right now. I have been using Sprint with the Ovatel Wireless Ovationi U720 USB Broadband Modem.

I am using it with a Wison Direct Connect Amplifier. With the amp I can get a broadband signal about 15 miles away from any cell towers sometimes further.
At our location right now i do not have to use the amp and getting evdo broadband speed at 800kpbs.

I have used this setup all over the United States with very little problem except in very rural or wilderness areas.

Hopefully I will be able to get the same benifits from it on the water. Also I have a wireless router that I hope to be able to use to let other get internet access that cannot where we are moored or docked.

We are also broadcasting Live Video which takes up alot of bandwidth so we have the bandwidth set to 64kbps which leaves room for over head and surfing the net.

I will give more details on how it is working out on the water later, we are new to the sailign community and have just bought our first sailboat a 34' Hunter

sailhog 07-06-2007 12:08 PM

What are you doing yapping about your internet access? Have you started on that engine of yours? No? Then turn your computer off and get to it!

Freesail99 07-06-2007 12:08 PM

What did your internet setup cost and how much is sprint per month ? Welcome to the forum.


Swaggie 07-06-2007 12:08 PM

sounds like a good setup Prariedog. fair winds with your Hunter.

knotaloud 07-06-2007 12:30 PM

I have a Sierra Wireless AirCard that I use with Cingular (AT&T). I average 700kpbs with no amplifier. I got an extra sim and user account for $10 and the unlimited use plan is about $50 a month. It works everywhere there is cell service. But I agree with sailhog; Get off the computer and get that boat running! lol

prariedog 07-06-2007 12:57 PM

good news about the engine
Just run it and its working alot better than yesterday
Put some diesel injector cleaner fuel system lube in it yesterday and ran it for awhile.
Just now i ran it and was able to keep the motor running at 900rpm so i let it run forawhile then tried putting it in gear I was surprised with a little throttle after putting it into gear the rpms came up and i throttle back rightaway to 1000 and it held really nice
So i played with it changing from forward to reverse going to low rpm 900 to go to nuetral waiting a sec and changing back and forth like that and she is running like a top WOOOO WOOOO yea got a love injector cleaner I got the good stuff for big diesel motors its called diesel clean with cetane booster.
Now I am a happy sailor (camper).

I will run it up and leave it running for awhile to get that diesel cleaner running thru there really good

Shucks cant run the a/c when the motor is running thats ok need the motor more than the a/c

thanks guys have a great day fair winds to ya


sailhog 07-06-2007 05:03 PM


Originally Posted by prariedog
Now I am a happy sailor (camper).

Glad to hear it, Captain! Now go and reward yourself with thirty or forty cold beers. You deserve it!

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