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wkokal 08-02-2007 07:05 PM

Free at Last Step 1
Hi all
New to the forum & just wanted to introduce myself.
I am new to sailing - Our last Kid just left the house :D
So with retirement within sight - I completely freaked my husband out and said - Babe - lets sell everything and get us a big ole sailboat and takeoff!! :eek:
After he picked himself up off the floor - he was like I'm in...

Now before you all heave that collective sigh going "oh no green horns on the sea - get the name of their boat they'll be on storm stories for sure .."
Fear not my husband grew up sailing the Great Lakes & is currently restoring a Santana 30 - we are having the Can't take it with you Garage Sale this weekend and then moving next weekend to a place that the rent is about the same as it was when we got married 20 something years ago. The rest of the cash is going in the boat fund - while we wait out actual retirement date.

Just wanted to say Hi - get connected as I'm sure I will have tons of questions upcoming.....

Glad to be here
Feedin that Gypsy Spirit or is that Pirate Spirit Hmmmm:cool:

Giulietta 08-02-2007 07:17 PM


It is Sailnet's tradition to post one's phot upon arrival....

We are mostly sad men and women, with no hope and friends.

We hang around here, waiting for death to catch up with us.

My name is Manoel De la Hoja, I am from Guatemala, and my best friend is a French person named Camaraderie da Silva.

I also like Papa Cruzeiro, a nice man from Brasil, that posts here as El Cruisingdad.

There is a guy that thinks he knows everything, but he is ok, he sails a miniature boat with 3 hulls because he is affraid of heeling.

There are many other people, including a very old man named Ianhlnd, that has'nt had a relationship with a lady since 1958.

The bad guy here really is a certain TrueBlue. just ignore him...we all do...he is rich and such

Anyway...welcome here and don't forget the photo of both of you.

Follow this thread on how to post clik for thread

CharlieCobra 08-02-2007 07:23 PM

wkokal, I hope ya research Giu before posting that photo.

Giulietta 08-02-2007 07:26 PM

Ah I forgot, some people here will lie to you about me.

They are experts at making humiliating photoshops of your photos...ignore them..they will try and tell you I am the one doing it...

I can hardly write in English....they are mean to me, and very bad...

One day I will also own a boat and sail around the World...

My dream is to see the sun set in Europe...ahhh old romantic....I dream about visiting Portugal.....heard the wine is very good, and the sailors...the best.....

By the way...

USCGRET, TDW, Bestfreiend, and a loser named Joel are also bad people...
ignore them....

Must go now...I have to go to church, then buy groceries, for me and the 12 stary dogs I help, then I have to cook diner and go to work.

I welcome people at the Wal Mart in Casper, Wyoming. all the other nice things

P.S. as you can see they already started bad mothing me....Charlie Cobra is an ex Vietnamese Soldier (hence the Charlie), that was part of the covert Vietcong special forces..."the Cobras", or as they use to say in Vietnamese..."Huy Tok Fung Xi nahham)

The killers....I faced them in 1965 in Nam...when I was sent there.....long story

tdw 08-02-2007 08:44 PM


Originally Posted by Giulietta (Post 174603)
The killers....I faced them in 1965 in Nam...when I was sent there.....long story

Tall story would be more like it. :rolleyes:

wind_magic 08-02-2007 10:12 PM

Welcome wkokal. :)

Sounds like are getting ready for a big new adventure! Stick around here, the place is fine. The natives are not (very) dangerous, just don't feed them. Look forward to seeing a lot of posts from you and yours!

Hmm. A fly just landed on my LCD screen and was sitting there cleaning it's legs or something. So I moved my mouse pointer over near it and it kind of turned around. Then I made a slow circle around it and it didn't pay any attention. Then I put the pointer under it and started swishing it around really fast and it moved really fast and I chased it with the mouse pointer and it flew away. :D I'm really bored.

wkokal 08-02-2007 10:56 PM

You all sound like creatures of my own kind - I love it.

Picture of me and mine hmmmm well as a photographer I'm trying to figure out if there are any pics of me:rolleyes:

I'll work on that - But I already know I'm gonna love you guys & gals

Little about us
John - my sweet Greek husband is from Michigan
Me - Irish Texas Girl (of the redhead type)
We live in Ft Worth now - always wanted to live by the water and may get my wish sooner than later if it keeps raining here as much as it's been.
Bright side of that is that it's really green here now when it's usually brown by now and we have yet to hit 100 degree mark ahhh the summer that wasn't
I'm not to scared of dangerous creatures - hang out with a tigers and leopards one leopard in particular is my baby named Milo (I use a pic of him as my avatar) that I will miss when we do leave.
I could use some European sunsets though - more specifically Mediterrian sunsets would love to bump around the Greek Islands

Thanks for the welcome


Giulietta 08-02-2007 11:28 PM

Ohhh I love cats....and dogs...Yorkies are my favorite. I also love Chi Hua huas. I have so much love inside....

I love all animals...I also love flowers and trees and the nature...

And I believe in World Peace.

My wife is from Uganda, and I am still working on a way to smuggle her in...I will make it one day

I feel so lonely without my dear Uabandunga Gurungosa Shim...she is dark and oh so pretty.

When I bought her, (yes I had to pay her to her dad, Uganda laws) I had to pay him a nice live Leopard. The bastard (sorry dad), took a riffle and killed the leopard right there and then...he is the chief of the Police I didn't argue...

Anyway, he skinned the leopard and made a vest...I had to bury the leoprad carcass along with the Chimpanzee and the elephant....

wkokal 08-02-2007 11:32 PM

Dude you got issues
You crack me up

sailingdog 08-02-2007 11:34 PM

Welcome to Sailnet WKOKAL.

Be wary of the crazy Portagee who goes by Giulietta. While his very pretty wife can be trusted, he is a bit on the whacked out of his head side... ;) and, whatever else you do, do not post a photo of yourself. You've been warned. His son, Optimania is rather trustworthy most of the time as well. :D

I am guessing that you'll be looking for a boat other than the Santana 30 your SO is restoring for your retirement. I'd recommend something in the 35-40' range... which is small enough that either of you could single-hand it, since that is often what you'll be doing when cruising as a couple—since the other will be down below, sleeping, cooking or otherwise occupied.

Most of us will be happy to help you as much as we can... but YMMV.

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