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HoffaLives 09-15-2007 07:07 AM

Phoofy Ladies
How many liveaboards are single dudes? It seems to me that in this question of how big, how much, depends to a great extent on whether the distaff has a say or not. Single guys have little need for galley or personal hygiene space (shower) while most ladies shriek if there isn't enough space to store 100 pairs of shoes. I've seen some boats that were little more than floating caves (and the residents little more than troglodytes), but they were all guys livin' a man's life. You can usually tell when they moved - "hey it' a dude, not a driftwood stump". Dreadlocks look just like moss when the light is bad.

Chicks don't seem to get that a bed and a tarp is sufficient as long as you are on the water. I could do fine on a Hobie 16 with a tent and camp stove but my own ball and chain needs teak and sound system and hot water and chocolate at just the right temperature.
Can anyone tell me why a tent and stars and sun and a great boat isn't enough for wimmen, dammit?

Old guys get just like their wives with their hot water bottles and spas so their vote don't count. A real seaman chews nails fer vitamins. Damn, that good scotch went dwon awful fast.

SanderO 09-15-2007 08:16 AM

In knew a female who was a DJ on a easy listening radio station that lived on a Catalina 34. She used the V berth for her closet and was quite presentable and well groomed. I supposed she used the marina facilities.

She was a single handed sailor and an interesting and attractive gal. I was single at the time, but we didn't click, remained friends and she sailed off to the islands I think. Haven't seen here around the local waters.

Sailors... all male and female.. learn to live with less and this IS a good thing. I am constantly in a struggle with the wife not to spend money on "decorating" the home and so many clothes. I like to have few clothes and hate the fashion concept. But I don't have to be out there being "judged" by how I look.

sv shiva

xort 09-15-2007 09:37 AM

let your wife read your post, then you won't have to worry about all the phoofy extras, she'll take them with her. :D

Giulietta 09-15-2007 10:23 AM


(by the way allways loved your sig name and now your avatar kills me)

I know exactly what you mean, not that I would have a camping boat if I were single and lived on a boat, but I know a guy, that spent a fortune in his boat, because he just wanted a naked inside race boat with carbon fiber all over.

His wife said he could only spend that much money on a boat, if the family could use it as a cruising boat 3 months a year.

So the poor guy, how sorry I am for him, poor man, had to divert some of the race boat budget, from things like 3D sails, carbon fiber mast, all carbon all etc, to install furniture inside, 3 beds, 2 heads, full kitchen, ceramic shitters with electric pumps, TV, refrigerator etc.

The guy spent almost one year more than intially predicted in construction, because of the interior. many things had to be rerdesigned, and the chalenge was how to put all that inside without sacrificing weight...

But it was either that or they would need 2 boats...a production for cruising and a smaller racer....

sacrifices we all have to make...

The guy is happy with what he has...but cost almost twice...funny is that in the end..she wanted all that inside....but still accuses the guy of spending too much money on the boat!!!

sailaway21 09-15-2007 10:38 AM

And the poor sod Giu refers to spends half his sailing time loading or removing the cruising gear to the boat! He's even been known to enlist foreign help, in the middle of the night, after said help has been drinking, to scale the heights of his mast. This fellow is in a sad way.

On the other hand, you ought to see his wife! And the woman has provided him with two wonderful boys. So while the salt may grumble about such minutia as the slowing efects of the canvas dodger, he surely knows that his happiness is firmly locked, for safe-keeping, within the bosom of a woman. For a few months a year she lets him play the boy unrestrained. The rest of the time the poor sod is forced to be nothing more than a loved and loving husband and father. It is almost more than one can bear to read his poor pitiful posts, knowing that he is confined to such a purgatory.

Giulietta 09-15-2007 10:50 AM

Yes yes....absolutely right....she even made the guy put a dodger......A DODGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in his boat, well, because she sailed on a friends boat that had a dodger, and she liked the wind protection it provides...

Do you believe that??? My friend has to live with that ugly contraption on top of his deck 4 months a year....that slows the boat you know....and breaks the aesthetics of the vessel.

Poor're right SA

DJEVANS 09-15-2007 11:44 AM

Some of us aren't that phoofy...Camping in our family equals hammocks and rainflies--and I love it. I fish and bait my own damn hook too. :) That said, with a family onboard, what's wrong with being more comfortable? Except in your poor friend's case, Giu. I really feel for the poor guy--truly (I just shed a tear, honest). :D

werebeagle 09-15-2007 11:58 AM

The sacrifices some people make,and the misery they live in because of the sacrifice.

Valiente 09-15-2007 01:56 PM


Originally Posted by Giulietta (Post 193058)
I know a guy, that spent a fortune in his boat, because he just wanted a naked inside race boat with carbon fiber all over.

Hey! I think I know this guy! French, isn't he?:D

DJEVANS 09-15-2007 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by Valiente (Post 193158)
Hey! I think I know this guy! French, isn't he?:D

Oui, I believe his name is Pierre de La Windbag...

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