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AjariBonten 11-20-2007 12:28 PM

Critters we WANT Aboard !!
I know the Cat & Dog question has been bled to death. ;)

My question is who is cruising/living aboard with other types of animals?; or plants for that matter!

My wife is kind of interested in a parrot........
I know at least one of us has experiences with a ferret aboard, yes?
Llamas? :p
very small rocks? (oops, wrong thread .... ;) )

How about a very small garden? (herbs, a lettuce plant, etc.?)

Thanks, Fred

GySgt 11-20-2007 12:44 PM

Dream Catcher blogs here
They have 2 ferrets aboard. He will usually respond to e-mail too, if you have specific questions.

TrueBlue 11-20-2007 12:50 PM

As part-time liveaboards (summer months), we couldn't part with fresh basil:

. . . or our deck rat:

HoffaLives 11-20-2007 12:56 PM

I found this on the dock the other day but my wife won't let me keep it. Seemed well trained and doesn't shed.

RAGTIMEDON 11-20-2007 12:58 PM

Hey, T B that's a cute deck rat. Or is that your wife's dust mop?

TrueBlue 11-20-2007 01:04 PM

At first I thought a boat hook snagged on it's collar would work great as a dustmop - just drag her around the cabins. Turned out the little critter is so active she didn't need any help.

Every now and then I haul her up a halyard while sailing to clean the dust off.

max-on 11-20-2007 01:06 PM

TB, you should not waste the glass of wine on the deck rat!

TrueBlue 11-20-2007 01:14 PM

That's my seat!

I give her a sip every now and then and she goes berserk - makes her clean the dust even faster.

RAGTIMEDON 11-20-2007 01:37 PM

We have a dust mop similar to her, but he sheds so is not very effective!! :)

TrueBlue 11-20-2007 01:39 PM

Don't know what's worse, a critter that sheds or one that needs a $60 grooming every 6-7 weeks.

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