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pmills42255 05-31-2002 02:53 AM

Is living aboard a Beneteau 430 possibble?
I noticed the Beneteaus are easy to find, and priced alright too. To live one one, taking out one of the heads, and making an aft cabin an office and the other a locker, seems to make sense. I see the water heater and some electrical equipment are under the port bench, which is in the center of the salon. I envision changing that. has anyone modified what is a set up as a "charter yacht" to live on?
I sail a 26ft S-2 and love it, but space-wise its small and I can''t stand up all the way inside
thanks Paul

MaryBeth 06-01-2002 10:16 PM

Is living aboard a Beneteau 430 possibble?

If you liveaboard a 26 now, I find it hard to believe you cannot aboard a 430. Lots of people have set on charters to live on.

Best of luck,

pmills42255 06-02-2002 02:35 AM

Is living aboard a Beneteau 430 possibble?
thanks, however I don''t live on my S-2, just sail it.
really, I am curious about what sort of modifications to a "charter boat" people are having to do so its better suited to live-aboard.
The Beneteau''s seat right in the middle of the salon seems perfect for a party, not practical otherwise.
I am closer then one thinks to making the move, but haven''t found an affordable boat yet. What do you live on?

MaryBeth 06-03-2002 10:15 PM

Is living aboard a Beneteau 430 possibble?


A few people I''ve known have chosen to change one or more of the cabins into either an office or a workshop. One man did canvas work, a woman actually fit her stained glass stuff in there. So, it can be done. I think, like they do, that changing the cabins into user-friendly space is more effective than taking that seat out of the salon. That can usually be used as a sleeping area for guests, if need be, by adjusting the table set. Unless, of course, you plan on entertaining a lot of overnight guests and don''t need the extra space for private stuff.

What do I live on now? A wing and a prayer - inland. What do I wish I lived on? - Guinevere, an 80''s something 52 footer that was on St. Lucia for years and years. During my deliveries there I saw her being robbed for parts and moved offshore when the bigwigs came to visit the charter base. But I slept many nights on her after stepping off the delivered boats. The first time I was on her, in 1993, I got aboard and cut on the electric to hear a faint humming. Turned out that it was the fan in the crew''s quarters, left on because it smelled like I don''t know what. During that stay I cleaned up the crew''s quarter''s and every time I went back to her, it had evidently taken, because the crew''s quarter''s were never that nasty again. I just don''t agree with leaving a boat to die, as it were, I guess. The owner had left her for the bank to sell and, like I said, they were just robbing her. Last time I was on her, they had taken her topping lift and her boom was lying across her deck like a heartbroken lover''s smile. I always wished I had the money to buy her, she was a steal. I hope she''s in good hands now. She was a lovely, roomy, beautiful boat, and to see something that beautiful going to waste in the lovely light of St. Lucia was so sad.

Anyway, best of luck in your search,

pmills42255 06-04-2002 02:51 AM

Is living aboard a Beneteau 430 possibble?
Interesting how you describe the Guinevere,
and the romantic view of her quarters.
Its funny, but sitting on the Port bench in my cabin on the S2 is more enticing then where I found myself in the 430- standing, looking over the table, wondering what, if anything it could be for me!
The practical side of me knows that my efforts to live on a boat, and eventually sail her off into the sunset, require spending time in Upstate NY- Lake Ontario, which is less then 45 minutes from kids, home and work. St Lucia seems far away right now. When the time is right, I will motor the barge canal, and hoist sails in Troy to follow the Hudson River to sea. I had always looked at NY as a barrier to the ocean, now, I look forward to being in her harbor, and the sense of closeness people seem to have now.
Funny, but I read the discussion about all the different boats people contemplate, but in reality, for me around the great lakes, there are about 20 choices, and the one that is right, will, show itself eventually. This fall, I will take the time to see most of them.
Thanks again for your thoughts,

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