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TeamDestructo85 01-16-2009 10:08 PM

Finally did it...
I was on here a while ago(different handle) asking advice about buying and living on a sailboat. I actually pulled it off, i just bought a 45' Starrett Jenks and i am hoping to move aboard by February. I found a few live aboard spots available, some of them are behind private residences. Has anyone lived aboard behind somebody's house? It's in downtown Ft Lauderdale, close to the ocean, and cheap.. so it couldn't be that bad, right?:cool:

Perithead 01-16-2009 11:08 PM

Congratulations on moving aboard! I must be quite a big step.....

Let us know how it goes!
Good luck

Sapperwhite 01-16-2009 11:15 PM


Originally Posted by TeamDestructo85 (Post 433270)
.. so it couldn't be that bad, right?:cool:

I've lived aboard a 27' boat through the winter in Md.(at a marina) So no, it can't be that bad.

On the other hand, there was a thread recently asking for advice about how to access a boat that was on a lift on private property that went into repossession. Be careful where you keep your boat, regardless

TeamDestructo85 01-16-2009 11:39 PM

didn't think of repossession. and there is a lot of that going on around here right now... i guess if i see the homeowner ripping the ac and sinks out of their soon to be repo'd house it'd be best to find a new home. I would like to be in a marina but no way am i spending $1200+ a month. I'm getting a few addresses tomorrow of spaces available, i have the day off so i want to go scope em out.

sailingdog 01-17-2009 08:57 AM

I doubt you'll have a problem, since I can't think of too many boat lifts that could deal with a 45' keel sailboat. :) The major problems with living on a private slip are lack of facilities and lack of access to public transportation. To get fuel, or pump out the holding tank, you'll have to go to a nearby marina.

eryka 01-17-2009 09:04 AM

Part of living aboard for me is the social aspect/support of the boat community, you'll miss that experience living behind someones house. But its still way better than living on land! Congrats!

kjango 01-17-2009 09:56 AM

1200 bucks a month ??? What the heck can a marina provide to justify 1200 bucks a month ??? Am I reading that right ??? Can that be true ???

TeamDestructo85 01-17-2009 10:51 AM

a lot of the preferred marinas (laundry, h2o, elec, pumpout, security, friends...) are anywhere from 22-26 a foot... i've found some that charge 1.5 or 1.75 per foot per day... and for my boat that puts me over 2000 a month... which is retarded... my goal is to find a marina for about 800... i may have to wait till spring before that happens though.:rolleyes:

camaraderie 01-17-2009 10:53 AM

Kjango...true in the high rent cities when combined with electric and live aboard surcharges.

CaptainForce 01-17-2009 10:55 AM

I've spent some time living aboard at a private dock in Lauderdale. Where are you, Nurmi Ilses off Los Olas or up the New River? If you're in Lauderdale you have pump out at the slip and you're still in a boating community with boating neighbors. As to the $1200/mo being justified; it's not justified by what the marina provides, but by what the market allows on the ICW. Better rates are always available off the tourist track, private docks & up the New River. Ft. Lauderdale is my home town and much is available as it's one of the "boating capitols", but the downside is that for sailing you have the ocean or nothing. No available inland protected bays or lagoons for an afternoon out for a short sail. 'take care and joy, Aythya crew

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