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pirateofcapeann 12-12-2002 12:25 PM

Heating Question
I have a 28-foot wooden boat. I lived aboard her for 10 years, year round, in New England waters. I had heated her with a FATSCO “Buddy” coal stove and was quite happy with it, as well as its traditional implications. One of the things I liked about burning coal was that I could leave the stove “banked” and untended for up to 16 hours and still have heat when I got home. Some of the things that bothered me was the coal dust and ash dust everywhere as well as the worry of carbon monoxide poisoning. I also remember a few cold nights when, for some unknown reason, I just couldn’t get the thing to catch and go. When it was right, it’s dry heat and warm radiating glow made that cabin a most inviting place to be on a cold and stormy winter evening.
I am planning to move back aboard in a few years and am looking into other heating options. I would be interested in hearing pros and cons and recommendations of other fuel types and stove manufacturers. Thanks

WHOOSH 12-12-2002 04:06 PM

Heating Question
Pirate, I''d suggest one place you look for info on heating is the Northwest Boating forum ( I was probing there for heater info and found lots of folks savvy on the subject and, given the location, not just folks with armchair opinions.


sailorlou 12-14-2002 08:53 AM

Heating Question
I live aboard my 36 foot Pearson Cutter in Seattle and I installed an Ardic Diesel hotwater heating system about three years ago. I also have an Everhot 6 gallen copper boiler in line with the heater that works as a hot water heater for water usage aboard the boat. The system has a single hot water radiator with a built in fan and four air hoses are run from the radiator throughout the boat. It works great, keeps the boat very toasty and dry as well as heating all the hot water I need for showers and such. It is also very economical on it''s diesel useage. If you want more info drop me a note at


Nereus32 12-14-2002 02:12 PM

Heating Question
I have a Balmar 120 diesel fireplace. Balmar, of course sold it under their label, but didn''t build it, nor do they sell/support it today. However, the unit is still being manufactured under Sigmar Marine ( It is a diesel fireplace with a balanced draft set up. The balanced draft is a nice feature, in that it draws its air from outside the boat, thereby eliminating carbon monoxide problems as well as blow outs from down drafts. Diesel is gravity fed direct from the boats main tanks.

I''ve had great luck with it, although soot needs to be cleaned out of it regularly to maintain quality operation. As long as I have diesel in the fuel tanks, I have heat. Keeps the cabin of my 32 footer nice and cozy during colder winter months. The fireplace and its shiny, 3 inch brass flue are focal pieces in the salon.

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