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slimqs 03-05-2003 07:18 AM

Who''''s living on what??
Just to inquire about what you all like, I am just looking to get a collection of what boat you live on, How do you like your boat, and is there anything that you would change if you started over? Also what do YOU think would be the best suited live aboard boat for your situation? Also do you live in a marina or cruising?

fourknots 03-06-2003 03:07 AM

Who''''s living on what??
Currently living aboard a 44 foot cutter in DC area. Wife and two teenage kids. Everybody loves it. Plan to cruise in a few years. Previously lived aboard and cruised a 30 foot sloop with kids, then 6 and 9. Cruised full time for 3 years and 10,000 miles. We all thought the boat was fine for us. It had a v-berth and 2 quarter berths, so everyone had their own space - very important. New boat has a seperate cabin for 17 yo daughter and private quarter berth for 14 yo son. Works well.

A couple of points. Stuff expands to fill available space - there is never enough room, so bigger is not always better. Everybody needs their own space - if it''s a couple, there needs to be space to get away, even if it''s the cockpit. If you''re going to cruise, get a boat big enough to carry enough water and food, especially with kids. But don''t think that you need a big boat. Cruising and caring for a 30 foot boat is much easier than a 45 foot boat.

Our 30 foot boat was great for cruising, but not designed for dock living long term, especially with 4 people. Our 44 footer is a great liveaboard and will be a great cruiser as well. Layout and systems are important. The less systems aboard (pressure water, refrigeration, generator) the easier cruising life will be.

The projected use of your boat will determine the suitability for cruising or living at the dock. If you just want to liveaboard and occaisionally cruise, get a bigger comfortable liveaboard. If full time cruising is what you want, get a smaller cruiser and adapt yourself to it.
My .02

toucantook 03-09-2003 06:19 PM

Who''''s living on what??
I''ve lived on my 28ft cutter for 24 years. I really wouldn''t change a thing about the boat other than the refrigeration experiment I''m about to embark on, and get my radar mounted. I evidently like the boat for living aboard, having done it or this long. I generally live in marinas, until I get itchy to go take off again. I''ve noted itchiness lately, as a matter of fact.

rseymour 03-12-2003 04:03 AM

Who''''s living on what??
I currently am moving on to a new 2 cabin Beneteau 473. I have been a liveaboard for many years on my 1981 Endeavour 37 MK-II.

I live alone and always felt that you needed at least 35'' of sailboat to liveaboard. My new boat is 47'' with a 14.2'' beam. It''s the largest boat that I can sail singlehanded. However, when buying a boat to liveaboard remember you live on it all the time and only sail it part of the time so the liveability of the boat is more important than how easily or how fast it sails.

robertsmellis 03-16-2003 06:57 AM

Who''''s living on what??
Simple almost always is superior. Keep the boat small and you''ll find you adapt to your living space. I''ve had a 45 footer, 37 footer, 41 footer. Our current boat (30 feet on deck) is a little tight. But it is very affordable and manageable. My wife can handle it without a struggle. All the hardware is smaller and, thus, more affordable. You never ever can have enough room (look at the people who live in 40,000 square foot houses!) So getting rid of the STUFF is vital to a simple and quality life.

427Cobra 03-16-2003 07:28 AM

Who''''s living on what??
Hello, I''m happy to found this forum. I''m also considering a live aboard boat. First plan is to streamline living cost. Do most people keep any cars stored, at a dock or just sell it all?

Any idea of average cost per month to survive? (Food, fuel, etc?)



jbanta 04-04-2003 06:11 AM

Who''''s living on what??
I have lately aquired a few land ancors but I was living aboard my Lancer 29. I made a few mods like adding refrigeration. Now I am getting her ready for even more time aboard. (I have 9 years till I retire) Then She will be ready with an expanded "v" berth (I am 6''3")to 7''6" and relocating storage for cloths and linnen. I am giving up my starboard sette and my large dinning table but I sail solo or with one quest so I''ll have pleanty of space in the solon still. I''ll see if I can''t post a few pic when I am done

jbanta 04-04-2003 06:17 AM

Who''''s living on what??
Mike I quick ps to you

I am still working full time so I had to keep my truck but total cost for living at the marina were less than $500 a month. My slips fees were $180 of that the rest was food, fuel, personal needs, insurance and incidentals. You can''t have any debt but living aboard take far less than a land ancored life...

BigRed56 04-08-2003 06:33 PM

Who''''s living on what??
Ahoy, slimy I be living on rum most of de time but to be fair beer is easier to get. I wouldn''t live on nothing but a sailboat unlessen some rich widow comes along an den it be alright to live on her ! Pirate of Pine Island

GordMay 04-13-2003 01:03 AM

Who''''s living on what??
Maggie & I spent 9 years on a C&C29 - summers worked in Ft. Lauderdale (docked), winters cruised Bahamas (anchored).
I think "Southbound" was nearly ideal, as long as you have a 72'' barge (for "stuff" storage) moored at every destination. There is no such thing as enough storage space - so simplify your life - whatever boat you end up on.

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