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Yudhishthira 06-04-2010 03:39 PM

Any Cleveland Area Liveaboards?
Hi everybody-

First off I am a total newbie, so please forgive and gently correct any errors I make. I have been browsing the forums for a few weeks now and have found them to be a terrific resource full of great information and generally good humored people.

Now to my question: I am wondering if there are any liveaboards near the Cleveland/Lake Erie area that might be willing to invite me and my dad over. We will gladly bring you some beer or wine and some home baked cookies in exchange for answering some basic questions. I am looking into living aboard (sailboat) and have done plenty of research on the net, but have yet to talk in person with someone who lives on their boat or even step on one. I am looking to liveaboard in the New York area, but my folks live here in Cleveland and I am visiting them for a little while. I know my dad has just as many questions as I do. If anyone is around to help out please let me know. Thanks again to everyone for all their informative posts.

Loaf1967 06-04-2010 04:24 PM

I am from Akron and liveaboard a Catalina 30 in Annapolis MD. I took a job in DC and the rents were just outrageous! My monthly rent for a crappy 1 bdrm 20 miles from DC was more than the monthly payment on our 15 year mortgage for our house in Akron!
Pick up a copy of "The Essential of Living Aboard a Sailboat" by Mark Nicholas. It was very helpful to me as I was doing my research. Also, try walking the docks where you want to live and striking up conversations with liveaboards. They always seemed eager to share their experiences with me when I started.


Yudhishthira 06-05-2010 10:34 PM


Thanks for the response. Yeah I am in a similar situation- but besides looking for a lower rent option I just know I'd be much happier in the water. How bad are the winters in annapolis- have you had any trouble dealing with them? There don't seem to be a ton of liveaboards up on Lake Erie, I assume the cold might be the reason why.

I got a copy of the Nichols book and it is very helpful if a bit sobering.

Lookin4Freedom 06-06-2010 07:37 PM

Depending on which marina you wish to overwinter in, your going to have to deal with the lake freezing over. Sometimes it freezes over later than other years, but it will freeze. A bubbler dockside is a start, but be prepared to deal with the ice. Otherwise, there are several nice marinas downtown or in the suburbs, depending if you wanted to be east or west of downtown. Weather wise it would be fun to be on the front of all the snow. The wind will be cold and at times rough. Pick a slip to point the bow North or West, which is the prevailing winter winds.

All said, I might consider living aboard up rocky river or something similar as opposed to being right on the lake. It should soften the problems.

Starlyte 06-06-2010 10:50 PM

I've been in Cleveland boating for about 30 years.
There are seasonal liveaboards and you might get lucky there, but I don't recall hearing about anyone living aboard year round. Ice and snow being the major factor.
Not only will you be iced in, you will also have to deal with the snow. The biggest problem would be going to and from your boat and could spend a couple snowed in days there. The snow removal at those places is poor because it's low priority and rareness of year round liveaboards present.
Most marinas are seasonal. Winter ice at the marinas can be a problem.
When the ice breaks, and flows North it can take a marina with it.
Just like it completely took out Rocky River a few years ago, wiped out the warf at Edgewater park and sunk or tore off a few slips in receint years.
Thats just mostly of what I know.
There me be somebody out there (willing or living on thier boat year round, but none that I'm aware of. Most Winters on the lake are pretty nasty.

Yudhishthira 06-07-2010 04:41 PM

Thanks again
Thanks for all the replies guys.

Yeah I kinda figured it would be difficult to live aboard year round in the great lakes. Although I'm sure there are a few folks crazy enough to do it.

To be clear though, I am actually looking to liveaboard in the New York Harbor area. I just happen to be in Cleveland visiting my folks and was hoping to find someone to answer a few questions for them (and myself) to help put their minds at ease.

But since I haven't had too much luck with that- are there any of you living in the New York harbor area? Perhaps I should start a new thread with this question

miatapaul 06-27-2010 07:52 PM

There are some spots to live aboard in NYC. some much better than others. I hear Liberty Landing in Jersey City (just across the river from Manhattan is a good live aboard marina. There are others, but you have to do your research. Most don't advertise that they allow live aboard.

QuickMick 07-13-2010 10:03 AM

you might want to check out this too:

Find Marinas, U.S., Canada, Europe, Bahamas, Caribbean, Worldwide

as you ponder this possibility, you may want to consider how much stuff you have, and how much you can live without... though that will obviously be contingent on how big your boat is...

dergon 01-06-2011 06:18 AM

Sorry for slight thread resuurection. I'm a Clevelander and I *think* I know of one guy who lives aboard full time. Down at Olde River YC he has the slip right next to a parking lot so only needs to walk about 25 to get from car to boat and has a bubbler to keep him from being iced in.

I was down there looking at slips last year in early April and noticed the lone boat and went to check it out......I wish I could have talked to the guy but he wasn't around.

I would love to hear of the experience of any full-time Lake Erie liveaboard!

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