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auterygd 04-07-2003 10:38 AM

Liveaboards and Dockage in General for Baby boomers
Name: W. C. Autery
Subject: Liveaboards and Dockage in General for Baby boomers
Body of Message:
This is neither an advertisement nor a come on for funds. This is a problem that plagues us baby boomers not privy to unlimited dollars. My wife and I have been liveaboard cruisers and currently on the hard completing the refit of our second catamaran. We have many cruising and liveaboard friends and the common concern among all of us is where am I going to dock or where can I live aboard. Marinas continue to kick out liveaboards or are sold to be replaced by condominiums developments. We live in Central Florida and have searched all of Florida and the eastern seaboard to the ice line and are simply stymied by the lack of inexpensive marinas or the unavailability of places to dock at reasonably cost. We have decided to either buy waterfront property or a Marina and convert or build a non-commercial place to dock or come back to. Of course the problem is we don''t have those types of funds. I decided to put this out on several sites to see if I could get people who are interested in solving this problem to respond with ideas and come up with a solution that can benefit many or a few. Please respond with comments to

WHOOSH 04-08-2003 08:17 AM

Liveaboards and Dockage in General for Baby boomers

I''ll reply here since the thread may be of interest to other BB users and, after all, you''ve chosen to use the BB to seek your info so keeping the discussion here seems appropriate.

I''m not an expert on liveaboard slips in Florida but IME your conclusion - no on-going, affordable, decent liveaboard marinas are available in Florida - is wide of the mark. No doubt you have a bit of a problem re: dockage because you have a Cat...but that''s a dockage and not a liveaboard issue.

Here are some examples that leap to mind:
1. St. Pete Municipal Marina - liveaboards without limitation; located in the heart of a redeveloped down town area with free bus service, museums and parks a short walk away, concerts galore and even one of the Sail Expo shows nearby. While I can''t quote prices for you (don''t know the size of your cat), we recently rented a 46''x16'' slip for $304/month incl. tax. Had we been living aboard we would have paid an additional $115 or so. For that size slip, that seems reasonable to me - many basic amenities & services and an active liveaboard community.
2. Regatta Point and its competitor right across the Manatee River (Twin Dolphin), both of them allowing liveaboards, both located immediately adjacent to small down towns, and with multiple facilities on site. Cost about the same as #1 above.
3. The Cape Canaveral Barge Canal hosts several marinas with many liveaboards in residence. As of 2.5 years ago, pricing was comparable to #1 & #2 above. People there like the local ''flavor'', adjacent restaurants, etc. and there is an intensely active liveaboard community. (Haven''t been there is a while, but know folks who are still living aboard there).

I could go on, for just the immediate areas with which I''m familiar. Diamond 99 Marina in Rockledge, near Melbourne, the Titusville Marina (another municipal facility), and others in this Space Coast area who''s names I don''t know.

The trend you describe is certainly ongoing...but the dire consequences you describe don''t seem to exist yet.


ABullard 04-08-2003 11:41 AM

Liveaboards and Dockage in General for Baby boomers
Here''s another good live aboard location in Tampa Bay, Bahia Beach Marina in Ruskin (eastern side of Bay). We live aboard here paying $253 for the slip and $180 for live aboard fee. We currently have about 20 live aboards and one of the best do it yourself friendly yards in the area.

sv Columbine

BigRed56 04-08-2003 06:30 PM

Liveaboards and Dockage in General for Baby boomers
Ahoy, de Pirate of Pine Island pays exactly 92.00 per month and does as he darn well pleases, course I be nesting with a bunch of thieves and roughnecks and the like but wots I Pirtae like me care anyway? Sounds to me like your whinning and your baby boomer comment reguarding money is nonsense. I got plenty and if you ain''t working for what you want den you missed the point of this ere society?. I mean wot in de heck is wrong with youse people?

chiefsailor 10-01-2003 10:25 AM

Liveaboards and Dockage in General for Baby boomers
I am looking for a liveaboard slip in southeast florida. i have a 43'' sailboat, draws about 5''. would like to keep under 500 per month

lindainsunnyflorida 10-21-2006 10:19 PM

I am looking for a liveaboard marina near ruskin, the ones in ruskin are no longer accepting liveaboards. If anyone wants a clean, safe liveaboard marina on the east coast by the cape, the cape marina is great, i had my boat there for the last year. You are very close to "the cove" with many restaurants and night clubs and fishing it is near the "sun cruise" gambling ship dock.

Allen Lofland 10-25-2006 08:57 PM

Time Warp
Ijust simply stumbled on this thread a few minutes ago, First impression, is this guy crazy or what, is he not talking about the St Pete I just left in the dust since as a live a board ( I mean Full time cruiser ) I was told get lost...5 year waiting list at the municipal and no liv a boards at most marina's and no vacancies if allowed was the story after months of for regatta point and dolphin,,look at their rates :( wow I wanted to rent not buy :(
So we have searched high and low, up and down and finally found Pensacola, well we have a slip but its just as expensive as South West Florida and it has fewer facialities,,,no whyfly can you beleive no phone, no cable, no no no its just hey you want what for 12 dollars a foot ???
Yes the orignal post was interesting as the problem has just gotten worse not better.
The dream of purchasing a larger boat and spending some serious time aboard for a while is just not working out any more, Its not just the cost, it's a matter of Politically correst attitudes and incorrect images that the Liva a board life style has brought on its self.
We have been treated as poor trailer trash most places and I say that full knowing that a trailer in South West Florida would cost more than my boat :) I am afraid that sooner not later, the sale of boats will start to show this decline if not already and the much ignored Marine industry of Florida will start to feel the pich, maybe then some one will say. Hey What's wrong with an old guy and his wife buying a boat and sailing around Florida for a while, isnt it good for our economy and they will say, yep and that why the RV'er all left Florida and went to Arizona.
Wake up Florida, your missen the boat.

sailingdog 10-25-2006 09:29 PM

You do realize that most of the posts in this thread are over three years old.

mjname 10-26-2006 07:50 AM

As we get more populated prices just go up. Also the easier it is to live aboard the more will do it, hence more demand---less supply. Marina's are like any other buisness they need to make money... and no one ever promised me a living. I recently purchased a mooring, because docking in povincetown is prohibative in the summer. I would suggest if you insist on living in the continental US that you invest in a good water maker / wind generator and better dinghy and get used to mooring living.

Or you can get some buddies together and purchase some land on an inlet and start a small marina co-op.

However my personal solution is to stick to the mooring and eventually sail off into the sunset for cheaper pastures. Ok well more like sail south / south west to caribbean and south america. Also I never see myself retiring either will always do something that generates some sort of income.

Tranquility 'Columbia 29, 1965'

Allen Lofland 10-26-2006 09:26 AM

Saildog: Yes thus the title TimeWarp :)

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