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gasolino 09-18-2010 06:48 PM

Liveaboarders in Houston/Clear Lake/Kemah area
I currently live in an apartment (that I'm paying way too much for) right on Clear Lake in the Houston, TX area and work down the road in Webster. In November, when my lease is up, I'm considering buying a boat to live aboard and sail around the the bay and Gulf on weekends. If I can't find a boat I'm happy living in and can afford, I'll probably move into a cheaper place, buy a small sailboat, and move onto a bigger boat in six months or so once I pay the small one off.

Is there anyone on here who has lived aboard in this area? I'd like to hear about your experiences.

CrazyRu 09-19-2010 02:13 AM

You will need huge air conditioner in summer.
Marinas are nice, one of the best on US east coast, in my opinion, and cheap.
Most marinas will require 30+ ft boat for living aboard. Albeit I had no problem with my 28 ft boat, I just claimed it is 30 ft overall (true), and payed for 30 ft.
Clear Lake one of rare places where live-aboard are actually welcomed, so it is good place to start.
The Bay is boring, not too many interesting destinations.
Get yourself a van to keep the stuff.
There are many cheap boats, look for marina auctions, they sell abandoned boats, just get some help from experienced sailor while searching for your boat.
Boat maintenance is expensive, you may not win much money overall, but you will get your own waterfront and new and interesting life. Go for it.

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