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Hollymari 11-01-2010 04:43 AM

Am I crazy....?
Hello and thank you all for this amazing site! I've been doing a lot of research and reading over not only this site, but a lot of sailing materials - preparing for my big moment when I move aboard my own vessel. My name is Hollymari and I'm a senior in highschool, preparing to graduate in seven more months. Imagine my father's shock when some four years ago, as I was entering my freshman year, I told him that the thought of college wasn't all that pleasing to me. Initially the plan was to buy my own airplane (and I've seen some fixer uppers pretty reasonable) but planes crash. So the next option was, living aboard. We argued back and forth until finally, he made me an offer that he figured he'd catch me on. If I was truly serious about the boating life, and skipping college - he would match whatever money I'd saved up when I graduated and put it towards sailing lessons and a new boat for me. So I did just that. I worked odd jobs even, sometimes babysitting MONSTERS and even tutoring a few of the football players ( one of the grossest things ANYONE would ever have to endure) Yet I'm proud to say that at this moment, I've saved up $9738 dollars and my goal/dream/and mission are still the same. I don't think anyone has ever wanted this more than I do. I spend MORE time studying up on sailing materials, than I do my own schoolwork. Yet don't let my sob and boring stories bore you guys - my purpose here is to take any and all knowledge that you guys have about sailing and living aboard - and suck it up. I will not stop on this trek, until I am aboard my own sailboat, and either prepping to head out to sea, or on a slip somewhere down in the bahamas. My grandmother always told me to follow my dreams, and this has become the one that I want. Again I thank everyone involved in the making and maintaining of this website and these forums...

P.S. Please, if you wish to reach me, as I've wanted to reach out to some of the postee's on this site - I will GREATLY appreciate it.. Holly_andrieson at and if that one is bugged, email my dad's address... I made it for him but he NEVER uses it dondelcaccia at

Hollymari A. :)

Yofy 11-01-2010 05:33 AM

You go girl! :D

Try not to rush the adventure. Once you begin to look at boats in ernest and get around to buying one you'll find that there is still lots to learn and many changes to get used to. The Bahamas is a beautiful place, but enjoy the journey along the way too. ;)

Its a wonderful way of life. If you like to write you could start a blog about your whole adventure right from the start.

Yado 11-01-2010 05:33 AM

Hollymari, I love your enthusiasm and I think you need to get on the water and soon, before you explode with excitement! I'd venture to say that most of us were every bit as excited about getting on the water when we started, so we "feel" you on this. For me, I never regret having spent my college aged years on boats under 22 feet and windsurfing; kind of like mountain biking or skiing, only on the water. Real physical and wet and you really get the feel of speed close to the water. That sailing keeps you young and makes you a better sailor, is affordable (easily in your price range) and if you're on the East Coast of the US, you can go almost anywhere with a small boat. There is a lot to read here on the site about cruising on a boat in the 20-30' range and you can do it! But find a marina, hang out, go sailing and the experience will pull you forward into a larger world of sailing and to adventures you can't yet imagine. Go for it. AND, watch this video, which is circulating on the sites, about how one young group went about "living the dream", on the water. It's messy, but they had fun too. Hold Fast on Vimeo

sailingdog 11-01-2010 06:03 AM


Have you got any actual sailing experience? If not, I would highly recommend you join a sailing club and get some time in on boats. Joining for the weekly around the can races would be a great way to get some experience fairly quickly.

I would also recommend you buy and read Dave Seidman's The Complete Sailor, as it is one of the best sailing primer type books I've seen in a long time. You also should take at least a basic "learn to sail" type course, like the ASA 101, just to give you a basic foundation of skills and knowledge to base your future learning on.

I'd also recommend you read Teresa's blog, Sailing Simplicity, as she has done much what you're considering, though started at a bit older an age.

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