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gamlwilson 07-15-2003 07:07 PM

NC Locations
Would appreciate suggestions regarding coastal locations in North Carolina for living aboard. Have heard suggestions that Oriental, NC is the state''s "sailing capital." Agree? Other suggestions? Thanks.

gershel 07-16-2003 07:07 AM

NC Locations
Look into New Bern,up the Neuse River from Oriental. Inexpensive marinas with many ammenities. Wonderful town.

bob-m 07-16-2003 02:00 PM

NC Locations

Oriental is not on the coast! Do you want to be on the Pamlico Sound or along the Atlantic coast? If you want the coast, then you can not beat Beaufort. If you want to be on the Pamlico Sound , then you have a very broad selection. The Oriental area is the "capital", but there are lots of other small, quaint towns to choose from, with varying degrees of amenities and services. If you are more specific about your wants and needs, I''m sure you will get alot of good info.


gamlwilson 07-16-2003 03:48 PM

NC Locations
Bob and Marc, thanks for your suggestions. By "coastal locations" I meant as contrasted with inland lakes in the state. Actually, the Sound would be preferable given the family''s sailing tastes.

Could you recommend any literature where I could find out about specific liveaboard situations regarding location, pricing, etc. in the state?

bob-m 07-16-2003 04:29 PM

NC Locations
Go to or purchase "Cruising Guide to Coastal N.C." Also, make sure that you check-out Edenton (original capital of NC). Edenton is one of our favorite towns; loaded with layed-back southern hospitality and interesting historical sites.

Where are you moving from?

gamlwilson 07-17-2003 01:32 PM

NC Locations
Thanks for the helpful resources. We''re currently in the midwest and looking at options for down the road.

Stede 07-18-2003 05:11 AM

NC Locations

A few comments on Oriental...It''s a nice area to visit, but I don''t know that I would want to live there.The sailing around the area is very good, but unless it''s changed in the last few years, the water quality is pretty bad.When I trailered my boat down there a few years back,I went to a local fish processing house looking for some help to raise the mast.I noticed all the fish I saw were very small or had sores on them.Run off pollution entering the Pamlico Sound via the Neuse river has caused a multitude of problems.(Blinky the three eyed fish syndrome) You don''t hear anything about it now, but a few years back a marine orgainism was discovered that sounded some alarms. It seems this "thing" would lie on the seabed as some type of plant, and then would transform itself into a carnivore and attach itself to fish,sucking the life out of them. It was thought that the "thing" had caused some memory loss to some divers that it had attached to.Apparently after it was through with its host,it would drop off and fall back to the seabed and start the cycle over again.Now I know what you must be thinking by now...ole Stede is doing some serious drugs -- but I''m just telling you what I''ve seen, and have read.When I read about the orgainism in the Raleigh News and Observer, I thought the show X-Files had missed a good story.Hopefully,the situation with water quality on the Pamlico has improved, but I would be very leery of it until I saw some proof of it.Maybe someone that lives in that area could provide an update to water conditons there and rebuke my dissing it.I hope so, because it is a beautiful area.

rleslie 07-18-2003 08:02 AM

NC Locations

You are correct. Read the artical @ I don''t think I''ll be eating shell fish any time soon!!

Stede 07-18-2003 10:33 AM

NC Locations

Thanks for sharing the article.It''s very interesting.You know,the public doesn''t usually hear about these problems unless they''re being used politically.All the while, the conditions worsen. When I was in Oriental, I was researching buying some waterfront property there. A the time, it could be had pretty inexpensively.I had this wild vision that Oriental was going to become the "Annapolis" of the South. When I found out what was going on there, I didn''t want to buy any property regardless of what the price was.Since that time, I''ve gotten more into what''s under the water,and in the water.I do some diving,and a lot of snorkling. I set up a saltwater tank in my home and starting fooling around with propagating corals.What it''s taught me is how fragile the sea systems are. If you''ve ever done any diving/snorkling in the Carbbean, you''ve undoubtedly seen grey dying coral.It''s caused by a multitude of problems.I''m concerned that the problem is bigger than what can be corrected. As a sailor,and adventurer, it''s my intention to explore as many of the ocean reefs in the world as possible -- as soon as possible.IMO, within the next 10-15 yrs,we will loose most of them. I suggest to any fellow sailors that care about this stuff to do the same. As Forrest Gump would say,"That''s all I have to say about that..."

jwbernal 08-11-2003 02:43 PM

NC Locations
The problem with NC''s coast is that it''s PO-Dunk compared to other states. Snazzy upscale areas we haven''t got.

Short-short explanations: Let me start by saying that the location of a Wal-mart in NC will be our a basis for defining any settled area that''s risen above third-world status.

Wilmington/Wrightsville is the most modern place we have, and that''s not saying much when you compare it to other coastal towns/cities. They have Wal-mart, and Best Buy. Very advanced for us swamp people. But very expensive. I checked on slips and it would cost me $1000 a month to park my boat in a choppy space that wasn''t even close to conveniences.

Oriental is nice, has good protection and good location for jumping off to other areas, but it''s a day''s trip to the real coast no matter which way you go. It''s also the END OF THE ROAD, not even a Wal-Mart. Excellent repair facilities, however, they do have.

Beaufort is nice, sort of backwater but it''s a short drive to modern conveniences and at least there is a Wal-mart in neighboring Morehead City. It''s right on the coast and Cape Lookout (the best spot in NC in my opinion) is only a few hours sail from the inlet.

Hatteras is not a good sailboat place. Great for sportfishing, bad for sail. Don''t let anyone talk to putting your boat there, it will take you an hour just to get out the channel into navigable water.

Southport is expensive, 50% snotty, and a good stopping point on the ICW. Why they are snotty I have no idea - the town is very rednecky but they DO have a Wal-mart.

Washington, where I keep my boat, is very redneck but very cheap. They do have a wal-mart, and it''s open 24 hours. You do need a car to get around, though. It''s also 2 hours from Raleigh without any major congestion spots on the highway. Don''t keep your boat at the waterfront, though. The locals are, shall we say, resentful of ''rich boy toys'' and are rumored to throw rocks. McCotter''s Marina is a good remote spot adjacent to the country and yacht club. Shabby but solid facilities (withstood several hurricanes intact) but you can''t beat $150 a month for a 40-foot slip that includes power and water. It''s also fresh water, well-protected, and not prone to tidal depth variances. Straight shot down the Pamlico River out Ocracoke Inlet if you feel like taking some time offshore, although it will take a good full day to get there.

Any further north you will have problems with the navigability of the water for a liveaboard-sized boat. The bridge from the mainland to Roanoke Island is not full ICW height, so you''ll have to go through the Alligator-Pungo canal all the way back to Belhaven in order to pass through.


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