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Myblueheaven 09-07-2003 11:23 AM

On bigger sailboat, bathtub/shower install
Anybody know about the feasability of installing a bath tub in a sailboat? I have seen two in two different yachts on spec sheets only but cannot find any suppliers or folks who have done it. I know there are so many modern makers of home and apartment models and perhaps I could find one small enough to fit... ideally a fiberglass jaccuzi model. Then I have no idea how to get it down the hatch??? I suppose any manufacture of a sailboat with a tub installed it before the deck was installed? Ummm? This would be for a sailboat of 50 ft. to 55 ft. like a Jeanneau or Beneteau, and after remodeling some of the interior to make it more suitable for a single person not needing all the cabins or 4 heads.


mcain 09-08-2003 09:41 AM

On bigger sailboat, bathtub/shower install
My boat is a 43'' sailboat and the manufacturer installed a bathtub in the aft head. Actually the idea of a bathtub in a 43'' boat boggles my mind. We have never used it as a bathtub. First we used it for storage then as a shower. Actually as a shower, it is very good--keeps the water contained. I imagine it would also work for washing clothes. The tub is fiberglass, fairly small (perhaps 4-5'' long). I imagine the manufacturer suspended the tub in mid air, then built the rest of the boat around it. Certainly no way to get that tub out except by cutting in pieces.

VIEXILE 09-11-2003 09:06 AM

On bigger sailboat, bathtub/shower install
Go look at a Morgan 461. I think they all came standard with an aft cabin head with full tub and shower.

jbarros 09-30-2003 04:12 PM

On bigger sailboat, bathtub/shower install
man... and everyone thinks I''m nuts because I want a shower belowdecks. ;)

Best of luck in your quest buddy.

-- James.

TrishLambert 09-30-2003 04:58 PM

On bigger sailboat, bathtub/shower install
I''m with you James! A bathtub on a sailboat makes me giggle! I''d settle for a shower someone else said, all the boats I''ve seen with stalls or tubs were using the space for stowage!!!! And they took showers in cockpit!


jbanta 09-30-2003 09:25 PM

On bigger sailboat, bathtub/shower install

I have enjoyed reading the takehersailing pages. Ok, enough sucking up now down to my question. I am doing a major refit on my boat. My partner (not the wife) wants me to install a shower in the head. I was going to install a cockpit shower.. What do you think should I do both? This is the boats only head. I am removing all the cabnets yeap even the sink (it''s so small it''s a bit on the worthless side anyway). All there would be in that room is the head. I was thinking I could also use it as a hanging locker. I know you all have heard this one but mine doesn''t stink :)

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