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BradCoy 02-13-2004 04:33 PM

Liveaboard Washington DC
I am transfering to Washington DC area (Reston, VA) and would like to liveaboard my 35'' Endeavour. Any suggestions for marinas and/or slips in that area? Thanks!

Blue Skies and Fair Winds!
S/V Mystic Dancer

eryka32 02-13-2004 05:53 PM

Liveaboard Washington DC
Putting up with the 1-hour drive from Annapolis MD might be worth it for good sailing and a nice yearround liveaboard community. Try

gstraub 02-14-2004 02:09 AM

Liveaboard Washington DC
Reston is a long way from the bay. I used to live there 20 years ago. You might look along the VA side of the Potomac River, although you won''t find what you would by going way south or way east. There might be something down in Occoquan, which would be an acceptable commute to Reston, but I don''t know the depth down there. The commute from someplace like Annapolis would be a killer as you would have to pass around or thru DC every day (at least part of it would be against the traffic!)

Good luck!


BradCoy 02-14-2004 02:22 AM

Liveaboard Washington DC
Thanks. I am visiting the first week of March and will try both areas. I''ve seen Gangplank marina advertised, what about it and taking public transportation? Also, I can use military facilities - any local military marinas?

Again, thanks!
S/V Mystic Dancer

eryka32 02-14-2004 04:09 AM

Liveaboard Washington DC
Gangplank would be fun, but unfortunately they have a waiting list right now for liveaboards (not enough infrastructure). And there''s an additional income tax if you live in the District. Metro is great public transport inside the Beltway, but it doesn''t go out as far as Reston, you have to switch to a bus.

Several folks commute from Annapolis to northern VA, if you end up here you could join a carpool. Gerhard is right that the traffic can be a problem. The common wisdom is to leave early, 6 AM.

tadmcd 02-21-2004 04:23 PM

Liveaboard Washington DC
I liveaboard and commute from Galesville (about 12 miles south of Annapolis) to Vienna (about 10 miles east of Reston). I used to live in Reston and commuted to the boat on weekends before living aboard.

An hour commute from Annapolis to Reston would be your approximate time on a Federal Holiday, during the summer, when the President, Congress, and the Unites States military were all out of town and the sun was shining (not to brightly) and most of the DC metro area had the flu.

Other than that, you can easily figure at least 1.5 hours each way (leaving at 0530 and 1500, respectively). If ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING, unusual happens, you can easily DOUBLE or TRIPLE your commute.

The Wilson Bridge (the I-95 corridor crossing of the Potomac) is in the process of being replaced. The traffic there will be a nightmare for the next few years and the overflow will choke every artery in/around DC.

Did I mention the day a fellow stood on the Wilson bridge and threatened to shoot himself? 6 hours later, they reopened the bridge. A friend commuted home, through the District (not over the Wilson Bridge) that day. Only took EIGHT(8) hours...ONE WAY.

It can be done, though. Look at Herrington Harbor (Deale, MD). Not sure about liveaboards. Also in Deale, Shipwright Harbor. A bit further north is Galesville. Check out Harge''s Yacht Yard. You might also check marinas on the Rhode River, South River and Magothy Rivers.

A friend of mine lived aboard in Baltimore''s Inner Harbor for a year and took the MARC (trains) to the Metro in DC.

rlockard 02-24-2004 05:13 AM

Liveaboard Washington DC
My girlfriend is in Annapolis and when I drive to my office in Reston on monday mornings, I get here in an hour. The trick is to know the route.

Take 50 to 295 south then get off on east capital. Cut through the city down penn (that turns to independence) all the way to rock creek park. then pick up 66 west to the toll road.

If you hit DC early enough you can be in and out in ten minutes.

Total time 1 hour on a bad day 1.5 hours.

Reston to woodbridge is an hour easily too.


BradCoy 02-26-2004 03:51 AM

Liveaboard Washington DC
Thanks for the info. I am heading north this weekend and will check out the suggested routes and marinas.

Thanks a lot!

gsantacruz 06-03-2004 08:20 PM

Liveaboard Washington DC

Might try Quantico Marine Base. They have a small marina - but - had a waiting list when I was stationed in DC a couple of years back. Phone number is (703) 784-2359. Commute would be at least an hour...

Bolling AFB also has a marina... phone is (202)767-4651 Again, you are probably looking at an hour commute time...

Public transportation is only a viable option if you can use the Metro system... and at least when I left, that didn''t include Reston...

Having spent 10 yrs in the DC area, I fully agree with the posting from "tadmcd" on traffic and commute times... Lots to do in DC area but the traffic is absolutely terrible...

Best of Luck!

velero 06-04-2004 04:04 AM

Liveaboard Washington DC

I am moving to Herndon and I am looking at diffent options to get to Falls Church and this one takes the least amount of time.


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