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BarryL 10-18-2013 03:31 PM

Reviews of some places on the Long Island Sound

My cruising is done for 2013. I stayed at a number of places across the sound. I'll give a short review of each.

Mattituck - Strong's Waterclub and Marina.
This used to be Matt A Mar. I had not been here since 2005. Strongs seems to be putting a good effort into fixing this place up. The slips were nice. The heads were nice, but kind of far from the slips. The grounds are beautiful. They have a very nice pool. The restaurant was not open yet. We walked to town (about 10 minutes) and enjoyed the small town and found a nice place to have dinner.
Note that the creek from the Sound to Mattituck is long and meandering and does not have a lot of water. We arrived and left at mid / high tide and there was 5' of water in the middle of the channel in a few places. No problem with the 4.5' draft of my O'day but I don't think I would try with a 6' or greater draft.

Captains Cove at Black Rock Harbor
I have stayed here a number of times. Very nice people, very affordable ($2 / foot in the middle of the season), and easy to deal with - no need to make a reservation, just call us when you arrive. No town to walk to, and not much to do on the grounds. I like the restaurant - it's simple but cheap and I like the fried seafood. They have a great bar upstairs and frequently have live music if you like that sort of stuff. Great to arrive around dinner, spend the night, then leave the next day.

Northport - Seymoures yard.
Stayed on a mooring numerous times. The prices are reasonable ($50 / night) and the launch service is excellent. The shore side facilities are limited. The location is great, right next to main street. I grew up on Northport so it's like coming home for me. I could spend a few days here. I would day sail in northport / huntington bay and then return to the mooring in the evening.
I have also stayed at Brittania Yacht Club. Very nice place with great grounds and pool. But too far from Northport village

Bewers Yacht Haven in Stamford CT
Spent a night here in Mid September. Nice docks and nice dockhands (even though they told me port side tie when it was a starboard tie, which caused a bit of a Chinese fire drill [can you still say that] when we arrived with a pretty good cross wind but that's another story). You can walk to town, which had restaurants and shops. Not much at marina besides nice weber grills on the docks. The boats tied at the marina very VERY impressive. My 35' O'day was one of the smallest boats there. Right behind us was a Sabre 426, next to him was a C&C 121, and a J 120, plus lots and lots of other real nice boats. No pool, restaurant, playground, etc. The heads were very nice and close by too.

Setauket Yacht Club, Port Jefferson
Stayed on a mooring a few times. Pretty cheap, decent launch service. Real close to Port Jeff with all the places to see there. The moorings are nice but beware of a north wind - you will be rocking all night long. The club house is decent too.

Mystic Shipyard West - Mystic CT.
This is where my new boat was located. The place seemed nice enough. I don't know how expensive it is. Great location - easy walk to Mystic village, which I really like. Fixed docks, which I don't like - I never know how to adjust my dock lines. The slips have a small finger pier and two pilings. Kind of yard to get in and out with any sort of breeze blowing, but that may be because I rarely stay in slips like that. The grounds and heads are nice. Kind of a long way from Fishers Island sound and the channel really meanders. You better pay attention to the navaids because there is thin water outside the channel.

I guess that's it for now.


HUGOSALT 10-19-2013 01:49 AM

Re: Reviews of some places on the Long Island Sound
Barry, great reviews and great thread for us LIS cruisers.
Taking notes and hope to contribute.
Mattituck Inlet
Also can anchor s/w of Strongs closer to town dock
which has rest rooms/showers. Usually go once a year
and comfortable leaving boat as is very protected.
Very late now, more to come.

paulk 12-01-2013 01:20 PM

Re: Reviews of some places on the Long Island Sound
Some places to add...
Northport LI: Northport Yacht Club is very friendly & accommodating. Though a bit of a walk to town, it's a lovely walk past pretty victorian houses with lovely gardens. Centerport YC is across the water from Northport, and the launch will take you to the town dock. Barry already spoke about Seymour's privately operated marina, above.

Guilford: A narrow entry channel through marshland leads to an immaculate marina at the Guilford Yacht Club. Slips are pricey, since they have no moorings. Bicycles are available to ride to town, where several excellent restaurants around the town green compete for hungry gourmets.

Sachem's Head: Put in here en route to Stonington, in a blow. Cute, tiny, rocky inlet, a lot like Maine, with summer houses. The launch attendant at the Sachem's Head YC couldn't have been nicer, as he bounced up & down in his whaler on the 4' waves inside the harbor and led us to the most protected guest mooring, where we continued bouncing until the wind shifted away from the SW the next morning and lessened.

Milford: Charles Island We've been to Milford several times, usualy anchoring off Charles Island Bird Sanctuary. It is amazing to watch the egrets flying to their nests high in the trees there. (Landing is discouraged, though I believe you can walk around the intertidal zone.) The crowd of outboards & runabouts ups anchor around sundown, resulting in a quiet spot with two or three sailboats anchored overnight. Milford itself is a bustling recreational harbor, with what must be thousands of boats filling almost every square inch of available space. The harbor goes from the Yacht Club to Port, near the entrance, all the way to town, where you can tie up and walk to numerous restaurants and stores. Marinas, private sips, and well regarded boatyards line the channel on the way up. Since we've always anchored outside, can't suggest who'd have the best slips or moorings inside.

Duck Island Roads, off Clinton/Westbrook, is another reasonably well-protected anchorage much of the time. Moving sand has caused it to shoal over the years, so deeper-draft boats may have to hunt around a bit to find a spot that suits them. You can also head in to Westbrook harbor, where Brewer's Pilot's Point yard (off both East and West branches of the channel -- go East first.) offers soup-to-nuts service at their slips. You can also slide all the way up the harbor to Duck Island marina/Yacht Club, where there might be some slips too. Stay in the channel!

svHyLyte 12-02-2013 09:05 AM

Re: Reviews of some places on the Long Island Sound
Worthwhile information. Also, consider registering at (it's free) where you can add note tags and information and reviews of locations, marinas and nearby businesses that will be available and helpful to a much wider audience of sailors.


JimsCAL 12-07-2013 10:09 AM

Re: Reviews of some places on the Long Island Sound
Good info guys. Here's two additions to what's posted above:

Milford: I also have anchored MANY times off Charles Island. Last two years I've gone into the harbor and got a slip at Milford Landing. It's the last place up the river on the left and is a transient only facility operated by the town. Nice docks and very convenient to everything. The Stonebridge restaurant has very good food and the early bird deal is terrific (two complete dinners for under $30).

Westbrook/Duck Island Roads. I anchor here regularly also. The thing to watch is that the current is strong and if counter to the wind, you can have problems. Getting the anchor line wrapped around the keel or rudder is not uncommon. Just set two anchors at about 90 to 120 degrees and you'll be fine. For a real New England shore dinner experience, go to Bill's which is on Route 1 at the "singing bridge". Long wait for a table in season, so arrive early. You can walk from Brewers Pilots Point if you are staying there or take you dinghy up the river right to Bill's dock.

eherlihy 12-07-2013 11:58 AM

Re: Reviews of some places on the Long Island Sound
+1 on putting this into ActiveCaptain. You could earn a free baseball hat. :)

DesertDreamer 09-14-2014 03:35 PM

Re: Reviews of some places on the Long Island Sound
I know this thread was all posted awhile back but just wanted to say thanks for the above.

Great info for someone like myself about to transfer to CT

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