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Bene505 03-04-2009 03:29 AM

Dock & Dine, Eastern L.I. Sound, Gardiner's Bay, Shelter Island
The other Dock and Dine thread is great, I'm looking for places east of there, preferrably reachable from Montauk in a few hours. Connecticut is ok too.

Anybody know of some places to tie up and chow down?

CalebD 03-04-2009 12:54 PM

The link below is for places in 3 Mile Harbor:
East Hampton Cruising Guide by
Of the places on that list I have been to Bostwick's (good), Jeneen's (ok) and Damark's Deli (good for a deli). I have never been to 'East Hampton Point' but found some discouraging reviews on the web. The other places on that list are a pretty good hike from any dock.
Like most Hampton locations this harbor can get busy and crowded during the summer. If you come here wanting lunch or dinner make sure not to overlap with the fireworks show that is in July (unless you want to see fireworks) as the harbor is full of boats then.
As for Sag Harbor ( Sag Harbor Cruising Guide: Restaurants ) it seems you can not tie up to the dock and must anchor and row in. They seem to have no problem allowing huge mega yachts tie up at the docks though.
I would think that Greenport would make a good destination for docking & dining. Check the ospreysguide link for info on this and other places.

christyleigh 03-04-2009 01:36 PM


Originally Posted by CalebD (Post 457542)
I would think that Greenport would make a good destination for docking & dining. Check the ospreysguide link for info on this and other places.

Directly across from Greenport (there is a ferry back and forth almost hourly) at Shelter Islands Deering Harbor/Cove is a little restaurant called the Reef... ? or something Net or ...... something Nautical ..... ? Easy to find but I don't know about docking (you can anchor) as we always bike overland from Coecles Harbor on the other side of SI. We've been going there 4 or 5 times over the last 10 years and have never been disappointed.

tommays 03-04-2009 02:23 PM


I think the big thing working against you is the 50' boat i also own a 19' powerboat as well as the J24 which i use to keep in South Jamesport ,Greenport and Orient Harbor as i worked my east to be closer to the racing

In 2007 we used the 19' powerboat every weekend out of the Jamesport ramp and travled as far as Fishers Island and were not able to get dock space for lunch 90% of the time on weekends.

And for whats is worth it takes me a few hours even in the powerboat at 20 knots to go from Greenport to Montauk

It has also made a few trips to Block Island were even with a reservation they packed us in buy walking over boats :mad:

christyleigh 03-04-2009 03:50 PM


Originally Posted by tommays (Post 457594)
It has also made a few trips to Block Island were even with a reservation they packed us in buy walking over boats :mad:

Oh...Yaaa... that's S.O.P. at most of the marinas in the Great Salt Pond. Oak Bluffs on M.V. is another one that 'requires rafting'. After seeing that crap and hearing the horror stories I always ask - Raft ? when I call for a slip anywhere now.

tweitz 03-05-2009 12:40 PM

East Hampton Point is great on atmosphere and view, not bad on food, and pretty pricey. They have both a marina (also $$$$) and a dinghy dock which I believe is free while dining, but you had better confirm. Bostwick's is located at Harbor Marina, and is not bad. Just behind East Hampton Point is Harbor Bistro, which also has a nice view and has been excellent in years past. Michael's of Maidstone is a bit further away, and more of a townie hangout, as well as a bit more reasonable in price. Restaurants in the area tend to have a big turnover in normal years, and with the recession we need to wait until the seasonal places reopen to see what is good this year. Of course there are lots of good restaurants an easy cab ride away.
While we are talking restaurants one can get to from the boat, Sag Harbor has a huge variety an easy walk from the dinghy dock. On Shelter Island the Ram's Head Inn in Coecles Harbor used to be quite good, we will have to see what happens this year. Coecles is also one of the prettiest harbors anywhere, though you will have to watch your draft, especially at the entrance.
The Osprey Guide has been a great resource for the area, but last I checked it did not look like it was being kept very up to date.

Bene505 03-09-2009 01:05 PM

great posts everyone.

tweitz - we wnt to Coecles harbor last summer. I didn't see the Ram's Head. I'll have to look it up.

christyleigh 03-09-2009 02:12 PM

Tweitz probably has more details but IIRC the Rams Head Inn is actually on what they call Ram Island even though it is connected by an isthmus to the rest of Shelter Island. If you were at the Coecles Harbor Marina look across the water and you are looking at "Ram Island". We took a long bike ride (over 2 isthmus and actually all the way to the spit of sand to your right as you enter Coecles Harbor) to check it out and it seems more of an Inn than a resturant, but we didn't look inside. I don't think there is any water access.

PuffinIP31 03-11-2009 01:53 PM


Rams Head Inn is directly on your starboard as you enter Coacles Harbor. They have a couple of guest moorings for boaters who stop in for lunch or dinner. Nice place, fancy restaurant out back, and yes, expensive.

For truly "dock & dine", where you can pull your boat up to a dock, the Town Dock at Mitchell Park in Greenport has a day rate of 50 cents per foot, and you can hit Claudio's (restaurant or clam shack), and all the other restaurants in town. My favorite is "Skippers" in Stonington CT. Their large dock is free for diners, with indoor and outdoor patio service.

Puffin NT32 (crossed-over)
Watch Hill, RI

SOUNDBOUNDER 03-11-2009 02:55 PM

There is a place called Dock & Dine in Saybrook.
There is Claudios in Greenport.
There is a place in Westbrook, but i do not know the name.
Burrs in New London has a restaurant.
There is Abbots in Noank.
There is Skippers in Stonington.
There is a Chart House in New Haven with docks.
Branford has a place (or used to), but I do not know the name.

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