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sealover 12-28-2013 11:34 AM

3.5 HP outboard for Venture 21? (vs. 8HP)
My V21 came without a motor and I sold my 2HP Honda with my V17. I got an 8HP Nissan long (2 stroke) for the V21 but haven't tried it on that boat yet.

On the local lakes I'd be fine with an egg beater or a paddle, but I get to the Chesapeake and sail in real waves and wind now and then.

I have the opportunity to get a 3.5 Tohatsu Long Shaft - will that be sufficient?

My 2HP was great on the 17 so I'm thinking a boat that's 25% larger a motor that's 75% more powerful should be great. (I'm sure the calculations can't be that simple, but it's a good start)

Am I on the right track? Anyone have any "performance" data for a 3.5 on a V21 or V22? (can you get hull speed at 1/2 throttle?, etc)

Stumble 12-28-2013 11:45 AM

Re: 3.5 HP outboard for Venture 21? (vs. 8HP)
I can't tell you about your boat, but I used a 4hp on an Olson 30 and could hit 7.5kn. It did take a while to get there though, if I had bothered to put the right prop on it would have been even better.

CapnChuck 12-29-2013 12:52 PM

Re: 3.5 HP outboard for Venture 21? (vs. 8HP)
The numbers are more than just the boat being 25% longer. It's deeper, wider and heavier. The 3.5 will do fine in flat water and light winds. But if you really need to get home due to impending weather, etc. , do you want to depend on a 3.5. If you already have the 8 HP, it would be prudent to stay with an engine that will get you home when things turn ugly and you most need it. We have extensive time on the Chesapeake and I wouldn't be on the Bay in our dinghy and a 3.5. Chuck

sealover 12-29-2013 01:11 PM

Re: 3.5 HP outboard for Venture 21? (vs. 8HP)
Good point Chuck. I should also mention the 3.5 has 12 hours on it and the Nissan, while it runs great, is a Craigslist find of unknown history.

I've never really had to scramble to avoid bad weather. I'm sure that day will come.

I could keep both motors - The big 8 for the bay and the smaller motor for lakes.

CapnChuck 12-29-2013 03:32 PM

Re: 3.5 HP outboard for Venture 21? (vs. 8HP)
That's a good idea. We have a 6HP for the dinghy but I'm looking for a 3.5 to just get me back and forth to the dinghy dock in most anchorages. chuck

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