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pegleglouis 06-19-2006 11:15 AM

Just so you know
Greetings from Plano,TX. Hi90's 45%humidity, very dry
Some time ago I put my 26x up for sale.
i did see some comments of others to others, that pegleg my not even sail or may be selling for someone else.
A short time later my son-law called and wanted to take a trip down the tombigbee to pensacola , starting at Epes, al.
Well, that trip has become a reality, son-in-law is a retiered Master chief off of Uss Missuori, and later in charge of dismanteling the navy training center in san diego.
We started at mm 251 boat ramp. Motored to Demopolis yacht basin in 6 hrs,mm33 mi. No showers , but has motel on site.
left DYB 7:30am , locked trhu lock and dam , had to wait for tow to go thru .Floating bullards made locking easy.
Arrived Bobbies fish camp,no showers or elc ,just nice dock and gas, mm119 ,7pm , using 25 gal ,at 7.2 kts to 8.2 kts with the 25 hp merc.
left 8am , locked thru coffeville , waited for another tow,staring toget dark at mile 14 rr bridge, tender was asleep,didn't hear horn, started to lower mast , train came thru, tender opened swing bridge. continued on , 1/2 moon, good one else in site.
Found our way to the Mobile river (same as tombigbee river) just different name change . Times is about 11pm , and seeing lights ahead of Mobile, Al.
We pick our way towards the shiping channel. Lots of activity , tows puting together barges , barges with cranes working on constrution and maybe dredgeing. go uder Rt 9o and over I-10 tunnel .
Now waves and wind are stronger, see more tows and tugs movment, huge freighters are docked on both sides. a little harder to steer with waves comeing at us from different directions and force. Tugs gives us assurance we are doing ok, and to stay to the right in the shipping fairway but within the green lits on nuns. we follow a freighter going out to sea and pass a freighter coming in with tugs, till we get to the channel to Dog river marina.
Time is now 2am. we tie up to transeit slip. Rest and shower the nextday. Take curtesy car for goodies and buffet. Boy did that shower feel good, and real food tasted great.
Sailed Mobile bay the next day , across to the east shore in the upper narrow part, run out of wind so motored back.
took mast down .
decide to rent car and travel back to get truck and trailer , 223 miles by land 251 by water .
trailered over to pensacola Naval staion next day,sliped for 3 days. sailed 2 days across Pensacola Bay , alot more room, and not as much barge traffic, 17 to 26 ft depth. comapred to Mobile bay at 7 to 9 ft and lot of crabpots.
Ts alberto gave us some good wind on Sunday , just a trace of rain .
Toured area of past mmenories fir my son-in-law, on monday , took mast down.
trailered back to lake palistine,Tx, dropped off boat , drove To dallas , home by 12midnight . 700 miles
A great experince and a learning one as well.
The boat is not for sale, .
So , now you know the rest of the story .
Fairwinds to everyone . Pegleg


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