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subdude 10-30-2011 11:18 PM

My new old Venture 17
I recently aquired a '68 Venture 17 amazingly she was complete with sails. I am in the process of restoring it as age has taken its toll on the finish. I was looking in the access hatch underneath the forward berth & the entire cavity is packed with Styrofoam blocks. Is this original or something a previous owner did?
When I was removing some of the blocks I found an old weathered 3x5 card in the bottom that has "17" written in the top left corner "#57" in the right corner,
"WATERLINE-WHITE" written in the center of the card.
Seems like this was something from the factory? the original color of the hull was skyblue and the numbers on the sail are 57 and the hull number is 57.
I took her on the lake twice so far and no leaks at all :D, then I took the keel out to rebuild it because its swollen & I cant get it to swing down:eek:. As far as I know this boat has been in fresh water all its life and possibly in AZ as most of the wear on the boat is from the sun. The only other problem I can see is because it sat on the trailer for so long the bunks have dented the hull where they sat. Any ideas how to correct this? FYI pics coming soon...

Donna_F 10-31-2011 06:21 AM

Welcome to Sailnet and congratulations on the boat.

My first boat was a 1972 Venture 2-22. I bought it as a project boat (it sailed, but needed some cosmetic work) and a boat on which to learn how to sail.

The Styrofoam was included in all of those boats. In case you took on water, it was supposed to help the boat to stay afloat. Mine had Styrofoam under the v-berth as well as under the cockpit. It was stained and smelled like oil from spills so I removed it all and tried to wash it as best I could before returning it to the boat. I threw away any that was too far gone.

The hull number on my boat was located under the cockpit floor on the wall facing the transom. I found it by accident when I removed the foam and crawled underneath to scrub and paint the inside of the boat. The cards may have been made so that the next person wouldn't have to become a contortionist to locate the hull number. Just a guess.

I don't know how to correct the bunk imprints in the hull other than to sail it as much as possible so that it isn't on the trailer!

Have fun!

jetboy 01-23-2012 04:25 PM

With respect to bunk imprints, it is my opinion that the bunks are too short for the boat. I've put longer bunks on the trailer and, while I'm sure there are some weaker spots from the bunks, there is no noticeable indentation with new longer bunks.

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