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burnhamn 01-27-2010 10:51 AM

Boston to Montreal via Hudson River- advice?
Does anyone have any advice for a trip beginning in Boston, through to Buzzards Bay and eventually up the Hudson to Montreal?

I am planning to depart in July, but would be glad to hear any words of widom from those who have done the trip - either parts of or the whole thing. We'll be doing the trip in our newly acquired and yet to be named vintage O'Day 28.

What is a realistic timeframe for doing the trip without too many stops, ie Boston-NY, NY-Lake Champlain via Hudson? This is an adventure, but also a boat delivery to our new home. Any highlights where we should plan stopovers? I've been reading "The Coast of Summer" by Anthony Baily, and have the coastal bibles already.

Thanks in advance

JohnRPollard 01-27-2010 10:55 AM

Hi, Welcome to Sailnet!:)

That is a trip (up the Hudson to Montreal) that we hope to do some day.

I have learned quite a bit from Sailnet member "Labatt", who has made parts of that trip a few times. He is out cruising with his family, so doesn't pop in too often anymore, but you might search on his username and see what you can come up with.

Hopefully others will chime in too.

eherlihy 01-27-2010 11:04 AM


Here it is:

mooregm5 01-29-2010 11:31 PM

Hudson and Champlain Canal

Check out that link...lots of good info. From NYC to Albany is about 3 days. If you can't take your mast down yourself (I'm not sure if the 28 can, we do on our O'day 25), you can take your mast down here on the Hudson:

* Castleton Boat Club, Castleton on the Hudson, NY; 518-732-7077 --- Note: Do it yourself gin pole.
* Hop-O-Nose Marine, Catskill, NY; 518-943-4640
* Riverview Marine Service Inc., Catskill, NY; 518-943-5311 --- Note: Cannot service catamarans, must fit in slip to reach crane.

Once the mast is on deck, you can continue on past Albany. Check out Champlain Canal Guide for complete details of the Champlain Canal. I'd suggest stopping at Waterford (or continue on to Mechanicville if there is no room). I usually suggest Fort Edward as a second stop, but there is currently a major dredging project going on in the area, so rather I'd say just make it as far as you can. You can make it from Mechanicville to Whitehall in a day, but it's a long day.

Get a map of the lake (available at the marinas in Whitehall) and have them show you the good bays to anchor in. If you put up your mast, its about 4 days up the lake, 3 days if you motor. There are many bays along the lake to anchor in, check the winds and plan accordingly.

Valcore is a GREAT anchorage. As is Ausable State Park (Long bay?). There are also a great protected anchorage just north of Westport.

I'm not familiar with the route north from the lake, but I know its a much smaller canal, so be careful of your depths, etc.

Have fun!

CalebD 01-30-2010 12:35 AM

I've got to write my own cruising guide one day but by the time I get to all of the 'spots' it will be outdated.
Your trip sounds entirely feasible and like a bunch of fun and some work.
There is a bunch of info on getting down the LI Sound available so I will only mention the Mattituck Inlet which has a free town dock at the head of the harbor (used to be free anyway). Another tip might be that if you arrive at a marina or mooring area and find a slip or mooring at or after sundown you just tie up for the night and leave EARLY the next morning and it will likely end up being for free. If weather holds you in then all bets are off.
Getting up the Hudson is pretty easy but you will want to travel mostly when the tide is with you and it is a tidal estuary all the way to Albany. The Hudson has some parts where the currents can be a bit strong but the average is about 2 knots either way (N/S) at peak flow.
Make sure your engine is up for the trip before you go. There will be considerable amounts of time in the canals you will not have your mast up.
Cheaper guest or 'transient' moorings are available in NYC from the Parks Dept. at Pier 40 and at 79th St Boat Basin for about $35/night. Try Nyack Boat Club for their guest moorings at about $25/night only 25 miles above NYC.
You will be able to write your own cruising guide when you have completed your proposed trip.
Have fun.

burnhamn 02-09-2010 10:38 AM

This is all great information. Thanks for taking the time to share it.

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