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Spirit 6.5 "Etna"s Spirit"
This is a North American Yacht Spirit 6.5 that I purchase on Craigslist for $1,200.00 advertised as a Catalina 22 that also came with a trailer.
The reason why I chosen to look for a Catalina 22, was because they still in production and threw Catalina Direct, you not any can find the parts, but also many upgrades.
Now here is the thing. Once I inspected the boat, I instantly felled in love with it. I on site research the Company who had build the boat and the history. I don’t know if we sailors are different from any other person, but we kind of are more romantic and passionate than other. I read the history of this boat and imaged the enthusiasm and love the designer Hank Hinkley lay on this boat, and then the frustration of had to give it up due to miss advertisement on business technicalities. That just made me want to bring this dream back to life and try to enjoy some of the Spirit this great designer had back in those great old days in Sail boating evolution. For my surprise, I found that this design has many more advantages than the Catalina 22, so I was even happier with each of the discoveries, specially for the amount of room that this boat have to run all lines aft and huge space for an extra winch.
So this started as a project were my kid and I will share many memories and where he will learn more about Sailboat structure and mechanisms, but now it look like I’m the one that will be enjoying it more bringing this boat back to life than him, to a point that I gave this boat my wife name “Etna’s Spirit”.
Working With The Rudder
Aft Cabin Starboard Side
Aft Cabin Port Side
Bow Bilge
Port Mid Ship Bilge
Port Trunk / Keel Lock
Port Mid Ship Bolge
Battery And Keel Winch Compartment
Rear Starboard Cabin
Rear Port Cabin
photo (20)
Cabin Aft View
Cabin Forward view
The Deck
Spirit 6.6 Specs
Trailer Wiew
Under The Tent
Spirit Yacht Info
Spirit 6.5
My Spirit 6.5
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