SailNet Community - Mdrift's Album: Photos of me
Photos of me
Easier to say yes to a person asking permission to spend extended time in your space if you know what they look like. So here I am, doing what I do best
beautifull Mijet, Croatia
very content on Corsica
party in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Met these two randomly on a beach and they are still dear friends 4 years later
ski touring in B.C.
rental bikes in Amsterdam, moving to a different boat. Busiest weekend of the year meant very few beds available
hanging with my lovely cousins
Pacific coast of Colombia
Really big ferris wheel in Amsterdam
music festival in British Columbia
Argentine Patagonia, right before rafting the Manso river
Sunset in Nicaragua, after a very unproductive attempt at surfing
Opps, bit off a bit more than we could chew. Dangers of ordering in Uruguay with limited spanish
Our host Mom, Marlene, had just saved us from a scorpian found in my satchel. I wanted it to live, she had different plans.
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