SailNet Community - TheTardis's Album: The rebirth of The Tardis
The rebirth of The Tardis
The Tardis is my first sailboat and I'm totally renovating her from the inside, out. My goal is to move aboard in April. This is a photo log of my progress, setbacks, trials and errors, and hopefully I little bit of success. I'm doing it all on my own... well, maybe with a little help from friends! Enjoy!
Megan: First mate and foam destroyer.
good bye moldy foam... don't let the hatch door hit you on the way out!
Even the V-birth gets the lunar lander treatment.
back to work! Megan keeps watch while I work below.
The Tardis... She really IS bigger on the inside than the outside!
The best view for breakfast.
Off comes the flooring that was on the walls! So. Much. Mildew!
V-birth = temporary storage.
After scrubbing the walls of the main cabin, I applied mildew resistant primer.
Next, I added a layer of Reflectix for insulation.
I think I know how the astronauts in the lunar lander felt!
Yes, I'm putting flooring back on the walls...
but it got a few coats of mildew resistant primer and paint...can't hurt!
Thought I would paint the head while I was at it.
Ahhh... break time!!! (Check out the lovely settee cushions I reupholstered!)
Look! More flooring on the walls! What is it with sailboats and carpet on the walls? 1970's thing?
The mildewy carpet had to go!
And the mildew covered foam. YUCK!
Hurricane Sandy is coming... doubling up the lines and battening down the hatches! Back to work after she drys out a bit! More pics to come soon...
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