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Chas H 03-26-2014 05:47 PM

Fairing The Keel
When my 1977 24 was pulled last fall and set on the trailer I noticed a hairline crack at the hull/keel joint. The boat is slightly crooked on the trailer which seems to me may have put additional pressure on the keel. I don't know if the crack opened in the water or after it was set on the trailer. The keel was fair last spring.

1. What should I use to fill the crack before applying bottom paint?
2. Something flexible or hard?
3. Should I open it up (form a v-groove) before fairing?
4. Should I torque the keel bolts on the trailer or in the water?
I'd guess the crack could open again if I wait to torque in the water.

I have learned that keel bolts should be torqued on the hard.
Edit 6/21
Torqued keel bolts
Filled hairline crack at keel/hull joint with 5200
Rolled on VC 17m
I'll see how it looks in the fall.
Edit 11/2013
Haulout was 10/30.
Small crack at the aft end of the hull/keel joint.
Some of the VC-17 appeared wrinkled over the starboard side of the joint after pressure washing.
Apparently one of the PO's used silicone to seal the crack.
Next spring I'll scrape silicone torque keel bolts and apply 4200. (recommended by yard guys)
Edit 4/2016
More wrinkles under VC-17 at haulout, but less that last year.
Separation between hull and keel is minimal this spring.
Will clean out more silicone caulk and apply 4200.
I torque keel bolts each spring.

Beck 04-22-2015 10:11 PM

Re: Fairing The Keel
Hello Chas -- I have the same condition on my Mirage 27'. If possible, please share the resolution to the issue you describe on this post.

deniseO30 04-22-2015 10:21 PM

Re: Fairing The Keel
Boats that old really really need keel bolt and keel stub inspection meaning.. drop the keel. UNLESS you are very lucky and they can be removed inspected one at a time while in the boat. (not reccomended)

Chas H 04-24-2015 01:46 PM

Re: Fairing The Keel

Originally Posted by Beck (Post 2731097)
Hello Chas -- I have the same condition on my Mirage 27'. If possible, please share the resolution to the issue you describe on this post.

Oliver -
I was pleased to see that the crack was not as big last fall at haulout as it was the year before. I haven't torqued the keelbolts yet this spring as I have been concentrating on rebedding deck hardware, stanchion bases, etc. Launch on April 13 was cancelled due to decision to work on the hard instead of in the slip. (I had hoped I could do some sailing in April.) WI weather has not been cooperative either. My plan is to clean out the silicone caulk, fill the crack with 4200 and touch up with VC-17. I won't get back to work on my boat untill May. I have a 60 foot catamaran tour boat to buff topsides and polish before May 10.
denise030 may have the idea to get the job done right. I can only imagine the expense of having the yard drop a keel and rebed.

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