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nk235 02-17-2008 11:10 PM

Possible Morgan 323
I am currently trying to sell my 25' boat and move into a larger 30'-33' boat mostly for weekend and the occassional weeklong cruise. I have been looking at mostly Pearsons, some older Tartans an endeaveor 33. I recently started looking into Morgans and noticed a couple 323s for sale. One of them looks to be in excellent condition with all new equipment but in general the prices on these seem to be below that of the Pearsons and Tartans and others in general. I have only heard good things about these boats but why is it that the prices seem to be about $5k below other similar boats? Is it just because they are not as well known? Also are there any common problems to keep an eye out for on the 323s? For a well equiped early 1980's 323 what would the average price be from those with experience with this boat? There are just not that many of them for sale to compare prices to.

THanks for thehelp

CaptThunder 08-06-2009 06:34 PM

request info on Morgan 321

I am considering the purchase of a 1983 Morgan 32. I believe that would be the 323 model however, I am unsure of the designations of the 32 ft Morgans.

I believe that you have a similar boat. Perhaps you could provide some basic information on that model.

I have read that the boat has an offset prop shaft which causes issues in backing. I understand that the boat is not fast, however I would like to race the boat and would hope that it would sail to its handicap. I am primarily interested in a crusing boat that is not sailing "dog" that will work well in the shallow waters of the tampa bay area.

Any information that you could provide, including what to look for when evaluating that model boat, would be most appreciated.

I tried to send this as a private message but I don't have enough posts to do so. I invite the responses of anyone who has relevant information.


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