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doctorsign 01-18-2009 07:05 PM

Morgan Heritage 1 Ton ?
I have owned this vessel for a little over 20 years and really love the way it handles anyone else out there in cyberland own one?

sassafrass 02-01-2009 11:49 AM

doctor, yes, i own one. i only got mine last year, but i have had it in some pretty heavy weather already. this boats loves big wind. eats it up and is built like a tank. very easy to handle in my opinion. for cruising most would disagree with the interior layout and the pit.


doctorsign 02-01-2009 02:17 PM

Heritage 1 ton
Hi Tom Thanks for the response. They have a lot or rules on this site for exchanging info so I don't know if this will go thru or not. I have some pictures of my boat and will send them along if you are interested. If so, send me your email or call 508-432-2327 Terry

sassafrass 02-04-2009 11:15 AM

best that i can tell there are two others on sailnet also (that makes 4). one hit a tree at over 6 knots and bent his rudder shaft. i don't know how many of these boats were made. my guess is under 75 perhaps much less. the only other one out here in the PNW has had major water intrusion into the deck, and is IMHO not seaworthy anymore. i don't think that one is worth repairing. i am curious if anyone has some of the factory specs as well as a stability curve for the boat. i think i have a deck layout drawing, but that is all. be happy to share it.


windrider365 03-28-2009 06:49 AM

Dawn is harbored in Hilton Head SC. Hull #14 out of what I am to understand was 20 hulls. I have owned her for the last 5 years and couldn't be happier with her "issues". She has been one ton of fun every time I am on her. She loves strong wind and resourceful crew! I would be interested in sharing pictures and trading stories with other Heritage One Ton owners.

Silmaril 04-14-2009 02:03 PM

"Silmaril" at dock...
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I'm the owner of the Heritage One Ton that "Hit a tree..."

Her rudder is finished, an exact duplicate to the original (HMMMM I think my yard smelled $$$$ and charged accordingly) I had them put in more robust rudder bushings as well. Everything it super tight and brandy new back there.

I bought her in '01 and have been having a blast working on her and sailing her ever since. (Well, the last two hears "on-the-hard" have been, well, hard...

I may be relocating soon, so I wont put her in until I know where I will be landing.

As far as scantling/loftings are concerned, I contacted Charlie Morgan a few years back and he told me that the fire at Heritage Yachts destroyed all the documentaion. Oh Well.

Hey, if anyone ever needs a new rudder, I am the proud owner of a mold made from an original!

Happy to share any experiances, and doctorsign, as the long standing owner amonst us, what ever you can share would be great!

I know of another H 1-Ton that's down in St. Johns. I sailed with the owner on mine a few years back as well.

Best regards and fair winds,

Rick Dolson
SV "Silmaril"

NICHOLSON58 04-14-2009 09:16 PM

I raced a Heritage One Ton out of Saginaw Bay, Michigan for several years. we placed 5th in our class in 1981 Chicago-Mac race. That was the year of one of the worst big blows ever. We had winds over 70 kn off and on for about 7 hours at on point. A lot of boats quit and a few were dismasted but we made the finish line - puke and all.

Later, we moved to the Cleveland, Ohio area and I found another Heritage to crew. We placed 3rd in class boat of the year one season. There was one other Heritage on the lake as well.

After many seasons of racing, the rudder post fatigued and snapped off while we were leading in a long race. We were quartaring on a close reach in 28 kn of wind. Fortunately, it broke below the hull so no leaks. I recall the rudder post was 4" diameter solid SS bar.

We pioneered a few new sail schemes that worked well with the extremely stiff rig. Try having a 3/4 oz tri-radial kite made with the first two panels 1-1/2 oz. It flys well up to 22 kn of apparent and holds shape. On the other end, we carried a 1/2 oz rip-stop nylon high cut 150% geny for very light air. It was a killer on those Lake Erie hot summer drifters.

I just posted a couple photos from the good-ole days of the Heritage in my gallery.

Silmaril 04-14-2009 10:00 PM

The short (long) story on how I bought my Heritage...

Back in '80 I was crewing on a Peterson 34. We thought we were pretty hot, the best of the best from s couple of yacht clubs, private syndicate yada yada yada...

After a spring of training and looking smart on the races we entered, we were thinkin we had the Block Island Race Week that year in our class, if not overall, in the bag. We did pretty good that week, but there was this one boat that always had us by a spot. I think we had like two 2nds, two 3rds and a 4th. Consistant concidering every other boat (but one) tanked at least one race. You see there was this Blue hulled with Buff decked Heritage One Ton in our class. We tried protesting it's rating, and anything else we could think of, but no dice. I vowed to own a boat like that one day.

Flash forward to 2000. I see a YachtWorld listing for a Pearson 37. Hmmmm, Don't recall one of those.... The listing had a picture that was NOT a Pearson, but something very familiar... White hull, white decks blue boot top stripes.

I went down to the broker's office, he pointed out what dock she was on and I went down to check her out. What I found was a rough, but sound, Heritage One Ton. Looking through her papers, I found out that she was once Blue with Buff decks, our nemesis from the '80 BI Week!

Bought her next day and began a slow and delightful rebuilding process that continues to this day.

NICHOLSON58 04-19-2009 03:24 PM

Neat history. You might like to have the boat weighed. We found that at leaso one of the other Heritage One-Tons on Lake Erie floated suspiciously 4 inches higher out of the water than we did. Their crew quickly moved the boat when they noticed us checking it out. They also had the boom 18 inches lower (more area). We always had trouble head-to head with them. We suspect that the 7500# keel had been cored. Perhaps you should have pressed thast protest.

If you ever replace the rudder you might consider moving the center of effort slightly forward from factory in order to reduce the heavy helm you get when the boat is powered way up. We used a tiller for many years and positioned crew to assist the skipper by foot power to ease some of the helm force. With a wheel, you can't snap the rudder fast enough to brute-force the thing the way you need to as the flow begins to sepearate and stall. The tiller lets you recover and still live with too much sail for the puffs.

Windborn 07-22-2009 11:41 PM

Heritage 1 Tons just keep on ticking....
Sorry to pull up an old thread,but I just happened across it by chance. Silmaril was referring to our boat when he mentioned the one in St John - we keep her moored in Coral Harbor in the VI.

We bought her, demasted, back in 2005 and have spent the last few years refitting and updating the boat. We repaired the stick and replaced the rigging, plumbing, wiring, etc. Now she's set up for easy single / double handing, and is a ball to sail around the islands.

My understanding is that Charlie built 20 some hulls before the Clearwater factory burned down. In researching the boat, I've come across a number of Heritage 1 Tons that are still being sailed and raced. Here's list of boats that I put together back when I was researching to make the buy decision on our boat:

Adventuress - PA
Captain Marvel - Charleston, NC
Dandelion - St Joeseph, MI
Distand Drummer - ?
Dueces Wild - ?
Fiji Warrior - ?
FreighTrain - Seattle, WA
Goldfish - Chesapeake Bay
Grand Cru - Shelburne, VT
Hawke of Tuonela - Opua, NZ
MonkeyFace - Detroit, MI
PowderHound - Erie Yacht Club, PA
Prospector - Seattle, WA
Red Red Wine - St Petersburg, FL
Ruffian - Jacksonville, FL
Samari - Gulf Port, MS
Savage Spirit - Port Angeles, WA
SeaGull - Fort Meyers, FL
Silmaril - Branford, CT
Slot Machine - Racine WI
Station Break - Erie Yacht Club, PA
Windborn - St John, USVI

Some of these boats may have been re-named over the years, and therefore double-counted. It would be interesting to get a group of owners together to share war stories. I'd be happy to share what I've learned with anyone that's looking for info on these boats.

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