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gpwil3847 12-14-2011 02:12 PM

Morgan 24
Recently bought a 1967 Morgan 24 as a project boat. Used to own a Morgan 25 in the early 80's so there is some nostalgia. Mr Morgan built a good boat, and though she is very old I am beginning to realize the quality in her building will allow me to bring her back and enjoy the boat for the years ahead. I do have some questions, and hope the title will attract other Morgan 24/25 owners. Not sure there is a thread here for that yet but it would be nice as we would all have something in common. Anyway...there appears to be a rather large metal tank under the forward V birth toward the bow with a tiny (3" dia.) access hole and the cover is gone. I am assuming this is the water tank for the sink as the faucett has a hose that runs forward under the bulkhead?? How would I ever be able to clean this tank out to use it for drinking water again, if that is not possible I will assume it might be made potable for washing dishes?? and does anyone know what kind of cover fits in the access hole? George in Biloxi.

gpwil3847 12-18-2011 11:02 AM

I also will need to replace wood below the bilge access but am not sure what was down there as there is no blueprint available online apparantly. The wood there is extremely waterlogged from years of neglect, and some crumbles in my fingers as if it came off an old spanish gallion! - but I am excited. I feel a little like Robinson Caruso engaging my ingenuity in tinkering and fixing things to make everything ship shape again - this is going to be fun.

JedNeck 12-18-2011 07:59 PM

I bet there is lots of water tank cleaning threads on RV sites...might be worth a search.

If your keeping the boat for a while it may be worthwhile to start replacing a section a season of rotted cabin bits. More or less to taste.

gpwil3847 12-18-2011 10:16 PM

That's a good thought, so far I have seen a really nasty picture someone took of the inside of their tank after they cut a hole for an access window - he stopped drinking the water then and there! I have heard Bleach, Vinigar and probably the best advice is to use bleach and rinse it out then use the water only for dishes, or hand washing and carry bottled water when cruising. The RV sites may have a better answer.

I do have lots of plywood, but someone told me there are sheets of a 3/8" fiberglass like material that would not rot. One thing about wood is sooner or later it is going to rot, I do have some left over treated lumber that I could cut up for the floor supports around the bilge access, I may try that. There may be treated plywood?? I suppose painting the inside of the hull and the wood with an off white perhaps a shade of cream enamel would be nice, resistant to mildew and make the inside of the boat look new again too? I am retired retired as my wife suffers from early onset dementia - the boat is part therapy to take my mind off of all of that - hard thing. I have always loved sailing our dock is in our front yard, I just restored water to the dock, and added a security gate, and a very unsatisfactory solar light which does little more than shine dimly for about 5 hours after the sun goes down then goes out just intime for pirates to come in the night! Oh well, will have to pay a few hundred for electricity I suppose....

gpwil3847 12-22-2011 12:16 AM

I have had wonderful results bringing back a mirror like shine to my old weathered wench handles, and the block holders that run along a track that the jib blocks attach to. I started with a 100 grit sand paper and a sander, then progressed to a very light sand paper almost the grit of wet-dry paper then to 0000 steel wool using my sander on top, then used some polishing compound and my buffing tool which used very small cotton fiber buffers. then some brasso, followed by a clear coat so that I do not have to do this again any time soon. I also was successful making a new centerboard winch handle out of a 1/2 inch steel rod, with no equipment I placed the rod into a metal pipe then pulled it by hand to bend the rod, then I had to use a maul hammer and locate two heavy pieces of concrete wth just enough space to hold the rod while I beat my rough bends in the rod into two 90 degree curves. I then polished the rod using progressively finer abrasives as I did above down to steel wool, and finally some polishing compound. I cut off the tip of an old shovel handle then drilled a 1/2 inch hole down the center, I had to ream the end next to the bend out a little and finished by placing a washer on the tip then using a hammer to brad the end of the rod so that it flaired out and held the wood handle in to the rod. I plan to use a flat bastard file to file the opposite end of the rod to fit a wrachet that fits into my centerboard wench and will use a fine drill so that I can use a pin to hold the wratchet to the other end of the wench. I do not know of a supplier of wench handles to fit my centerboard winch so I have made my own for about $10. and alot of work - the wench looks pretty good considering I did not have the proper equipment. I am surprised and thrilled at the outcome. The rod I purchased at Lowes where they have short pieces of steel stock in hardware. My new Tiller with an 8" rise laminated from ash and mahogany originally made for a Pierson, read somewhere that it is a very close match for the Morgan 24 tiller - found it on for $79!! a great price as some places want as much as $150!!!. Besides I didn't want to use an Ax Handle again - I want my Morgan to be very close to the original but aged gracefully.

gpwil3847 12-22-2011 12:41 AM

I have decided to write some about my work on my 1967 Morgan 24, I have adapted this from correspondance with Mr Bob Horan on his Morgan 24 site. I have my waterfront, and enough income to live in relative comfort, the sail boat will complete a life goal. Of course retirement does not always go as we would have planned, I am 54, my wife 55 and she has early onset dementia. I am of course heart broken over my wife's deteriorating condition - I have to say that I live with a smoldering grief, and saddness - but Nostalgia and working on something I love is good at taking my mind off of all of this pain. My first Morgan 25 I owned in the early 1980's, had the dinette that made into a double berth, the closet and the Head off to the port side behind the bulkhead, but Morgan's arn't exactly falling out of the trees around here so I purchased what was available - a Morgan 24 with the "traditional layout." I will miss the dinette and the 54" gally, the closet and the more private head - but I will get used to it. I may figure a way to create some kind of table hinged down the center? Will rig a curtain, and a couple of easily removable panels to hide the head when not in use and to provide sort of a shared "night stand area" for the V berth. I am just so pleased to have a Morgan back at my dock - soon - still waiting for the yard to haul her out. Have been working on the centerboard winch - now referbished, shiny and greased up but the winch handle is gone so for now I am using a wrachet wrench to work it. I pulled the frozen mass of rust that once was the first pully in the internal centerboard system that sits in the bilge - but with naval jelly, a wire brush and some hammering, and a lot of work I have worked a small miracle and will be able to reinstall the pully! the hammering just came to me, tapping like opening oyster shells I jarred the pully and was gradually able to make it turn freely again. I am lucky the pully was made of heavy enough metal that though pitted, once belt sanded, and wire brushed down to bare metal, sprayed with rust converter, primer, and silver metallic paint, I finally greased the heck out of it and will be able to reinstall it - Ha ha!!, I have one more stuck pully but the bilge pully was by far the worstIf I need a new centerboard that will be $835 + $100 shipping From a site I found which luckily has the mold for the Morgan 24 centerboard - Hurray!!!!, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the board is held in the trunk by marine growth--- we will see. I am really enjoying all of this as you can tell. Will check out the Yahoo Morgan group, Thanks again, George.

gpwil3847 01-01-2012 12:12 AM

I hope writing a kind of log on my progress is ok? I hope so... no one has said anything yet. Anyway I am making use of lowes for round and flat steel stock. I purchased a new tiller with an 8" rise, believe it is 42" laminated ash and mahogany similar to what the original tiller was like. The old tiller was cracked badly weathered and so I decided on a new tiller - $88 from, about $140 from other sites, but the butt end is 3/8" narrower than it should be so I have made two 3/16" spacers using flat stock, simple hack saw, then used the holes I drilled in the tiller as a guide to start the holes in the steel 1/4". I purchased 3" stainless hex headed bolts, a washer on the outside each side and a wingnut so that I can stow the tiller out of the weather, and place a piece of treated lumber to secure the rudder in dock. I am currently shaping the centerboard tip of wench handle for the centerboard wench - a 3/8" hex head using a flat bastard file, my eye and a wratchet head as a guide - It's going very well so far - just a lot of filing, i have the wench handle in a vice to hold it steady. I have the #2 pully for the centerboard cable cleaned up, #3 turns freely and is not exposed to any water in the bilge which I keep as dry as possible now. Like Charles Morgan I wonder why people fail to maintain their investment - occasional grease on the pullys, the wench, and the cable. keeping track of the wench handle. I am doing all of this but I still do not know what I will find once the boat is pulled. I have a new handle for the inletvalve for the head to reinstall. Also have a 3/8"x4" carrage bolt will have to install another chunk of an oak garden tool handle after shaping for the wench handle on the mast which currently is just a piece of flat stock held in the pully by a pin - I will figure a way that will allow me to remove the handle when I desire. My goal was to have the internal centerboard system up and running, I have accomplished that, or will after my next visit to Felicity. Hopefully the shipyard will be ready to go once the new year passes???

gpwil3847 01-01-2012 11:22 PM

Thrilled at my new CB Wench Handle, amazed that I made a perfect fit for a 3/8" wrachet with nothing more than a vice to hold the wench handle, a 3/8" hex head tip as a guide and a 3/8" wrachet to check for fit and a file - I did it and the wench handle looks wonderful - all for about $10.00!!! I was so proud I posted a picture of it on my face book site. I figure I will just glue the old tiller back together and perhaps sand and varnish it to install when Felicity is docked, I have to polish up the flat steel 3/16" spacers for the new tiller which is 3/8" too narrow. Need to finish up and grease the #2 sheve I believe Mr Morgan called them. Then make a wood handle for the wench handle on the mast. Won't take too long to put the sheeve back in, bolt the centerboard cable back together and ensure she is well greased. Then I will be waiting for the haul out! I need to inspect the halyards as the nylon part on each one are well past the time when they should have been changed, may need a crimping tool so better measure the diameter of the wire used for the main and the jib and see how the two were joined then it's off to lowes which carries braded line. Don't know why boat stores want to charge 4X what everything is really worth!

MorganGirl 01-02-2012 11:59 PM

Hi George, I'm new here. I too am working on a Morgan 24/25. She's a 1969. Much of your story sounds like what I am/will be dealing with. I have little to no experience with boat repair, but I couldn't pass this opportunity up. I have to pull up all of the flooring, reseal the windows, and am hoping to sand and re-stain every thing. The centerboard/bilge looks like an absolute mess. Perhaps you could send me pointers, and even pictures (I am a visual learner!). Email me!

gpwil3847 01-03-2012 07:06 PM

Hi, I remember my Morgan 25 had beautiful wood flooring that needed to come out but I never did it because I did not think I could replicate it. My M24 has a fiberglass floor, but the wood under it is pretty much gone, what there was of it but I am not at all certain what was down there. I am assuming that most of it was just around the bilge access because the flooring there is not as rigid as it should be. There is not much clearence so I am assuming that placing some treated and painted lumber in that area may suffice to stiffen up the floor. I do have some basic equipment in my home shop, drills, sanders, skill and table saw, jig saw, router table, hammers etc.... and used to build cabinets prior to my 20 years as an Air Force RN and Diabetic Educator so I feel fairly confident that with my noggen for tinkering I can do alot on my own. I am sorry that I have no pictures but will share them when I get there. My main focus is safety and seaworthiness right now. I really want to have the centerboard system operating as Morgan designed it. Lights, New halyards, New Jib. I believe the Starbord chainplate for the shrouds needs to be assessed. Another sheet of 3/4" plywood was bolted in at some point, and the bolts there do not inspire confidence. I may have to use halyards to support the mast when I replace that entire bulkhead - um! not a job I am looking forward to - because it is so important that it be done right as that chainplate must take quite a load in heavy air on a starboard tack. There are others here who will be happy to answer questions too. Merlin has been here a long time take a look at his M24, and then also Bob Horan has a Morgan 24 site that has quite a bit of information and Mr Horan is very friendly, has answered emails and questions, you can google his site: Try Morgan 24 site.... George

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