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cpcohen1945 06-11-2012 12:04 PM

Morgan Rudder Problems?
Hi --

I have a 1974 Morgan 36 Out Island, and I've been grinding (and now filling and glassing) its rudder. I don't see any signs of crash damage.

The rudder was, I think, badly manufactured. The starboard side had been laid up short, and filler was used to close the gap between the port-side trailing edge and the starboard-side trailing edge.

There was a hairline crack on the bottom edge. The bottom corner had a void (filled). The top corner had old filler coming out, and exposing the core.

It leaked several cups of water when I drilled the bottom, after being in the water for 3 years. And there was a rust spot at the top of the trailing edge, where the filled port/starboard join had opened up a bit.

So I've been grinding and filling with epoxy, and plan to put on some fiberglass reinforcing strips today. Basically, it will have a glass/epoxy "binding" around three edges, out of four.

I'm going to remove some bottom paint from the leading edge, just to see if there's a crack there, too. Should have done that first! I think I have the work under control.

But my question is:

. . . Are these problems typical of 1970's Morgans?

. . . Are they typical of other boats from that period?

. . . Is this a Foss Foam product?

Thanks --

Charles Cohen / Right Galah / Morgan Out Island 36
Richmond, BC Canada

deniseO30 06-11-2012 01:56 PM

Re: Morgan Rudder Problems?
Charles in all fairness it was built in 74 :) What your experiencing is the same thing just about everyone goes through with these rudders regardless of which boat they are on.

Was the water brown and like syrup? That would mean the core is rotting. If you have the time and are able remove the rudder you could really open it up and try to dry the core. Just a suggestion) Or do like what most of us do.. drain and patch, fill the voids and cracks... go for another season.

sea_hunter 06-11-2012 03:01 PM

"Ditto" to Denise

cpcohen1945 06-12-2012 11:46 PM

Re: Morgan Rudder Problems?
Denise --

I guess the problem is that I never stripped the bottom paint before! As you say, it's 40 years old.

I've done most of the fairing-compound replacement. I'll put a glass binding around the top, aft edge, and bottom, and pray that the interior structure hasn't rusted too badly.


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