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drh1965 08-06-2007 08:39 AM

1987 Newport 28 II
Hi, we just purchased a 1987 Newport 28 II and are in the process of fixing her up. One issue I'm having is that the head is shot and keeps filling up with water. I think I've shutoff the seacock for the raw water but it is still filling. I assume there is a syphon action with the holding tank. Can anyone tell me where all the relevant seacocks are? I shut off the gate valve under the sink in the galley. That is the raw water intake for the head, correct?

Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I don't want a disaster.


drh1965 08-07-2007 10:58 AM

I figured it out... not the most convenient seacock locations :eek:

BarryL 08-07-2007 11:42 PM


If you get water flowing into the bowl with the head intake (under the port settee) closed, the joker valve oin the head is bad. THat allows the holding tank to backflow into the bowl. If you head is fairly new, or is a good one, you can buy a rebuild kit. The work is not that hard, but is not very pleasant. If your head is old, just buy a new one and be done with it.

I bought a 1986 N 28 a few years ago. I had to replace the head because it was shot. Not a difficult job.

Anyway, enjoy your new boat. I believe that Newport boats are an excellent value today.


drh1965 08-20-2007 11:37 AM

Thanks. I'm going to replace the head with the exact same head. It could be rebuilt for about 60% of what a new one costs but the brass base is all corroded and looks like crapola. All the hoses need replacing too.

On a side note... there is what appears to be styrofoam junk directly under the diesel. I've never seen stuff like this before and have no idea what it is there for. Someone on a different forum suggested that it might be there to catch drippings. It is full of grease etc and stinks. Can I remove that stuff safely?

BarryL 08-20-2007 05:24 PM

Hi Again,

There is a 'tray' under the engine that will prevent any oil leaks from getting into the bilge. I used to keep one of the oil absorbing 'diapers' in there. Perhaps that is what you have found? Either way, you should be able to remove the junk and discard it.


drh1965 08-21-2007 09:48 AM

Barry, thanks for the help... I'm actually looking forward to cleaning that stuff out :)

drh1965 08-21-2007 02:03 PM

Barry, the stud connected to the front flex mount on the M18 has broken free. Do you know of a way to fix that?

BarryL 08-21-2007 02:54 PM


I don't know how to repair the broken motor mount. I will be on my boat tomorrow and I will take a look. I have the M25 engine, but I believe the mounts are similar.

Good luck!

drh1965 08-21-2007 02:58 PM

Thanks. Much appreciated.

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