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Southron Spirit 02-28-2012 05:25 PM

changing bunk supports with spirit 23 still on trailer
the bunk supports on my trailer are in pretty bad shape .
i tried changing them out at the public boat ramp,was hard to work
with out power and all the traffic.
plus i was by myself and the boat kept getting blown off the center support rail before i could get it cranked in .

took me about 20 times before i got it so the swing keel was on the board.

any advice on how to jack up the hull enough to change one support at a time in my yard.
i have pavers ,cinderblocks ,boards , one railroad screw jack and several bottle jacks . would a 12"x12" piece of padded plywood work best or 4' secton of 2"x6" work better .

if i change them out at home ,i can take the lower section to work and beadblast them then cold galv them .

GoodOldBoater 03-02-2012 12:05 PM

I would drive trailer w/ boat to a local boatyard with a lift.
They are slow this time of year and could lift the boat off the trailer -
allow you access to power and replace your bunk supports (I'd replace then with rollers).

3000 lbs of boat hull is nothing to fool around with. Worth the $100 or so I think it would cost you to be safe.


Southron Spirit 03-31-2012 05:53 PM

Re: changing bunk supports with spirit 23 still on trailer
i had fully intended to follow your advice , but i went out and looked at the trailer and i guess on the return trip from the dock .
i lost the bolt out of the first piece that connects the support to the bunk .
the second support the whole piece was broken it was homemade out of
aluminum .

there was no way i could take it the 16 miles to the dock that way ,so i got a
long 4"x4" and put it across the trailer frame, got a bottle jack and another 2 ft 2"x4" to put on the hull .
as soon as i jacked it up enough i slid some surveying stakes under the keel
that way if something went wrong the boat would only move slightly .
jacked it up just enough to repace the bolt and the broken part .

now its at the club where i can take my time and do one at a time while the boat is in the water
i bought galvenised iron parts to replace all the homemade stuff

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