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windyway 09-18-2012 01:15 PM

Mast Support During Trailering
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I've been requested to describe how I support the mast while trailering, so I've attached a few pictures.

All stays & sheets remain on the mast. The forestay is the only one disconnected from the bow, & the side stays remain attached but are are loosened only.

The front support telescopes up about 4' from a point just above the electric winch. The pin currently holding the mast base to the support is used to pin the extended pole. (with the pulley on top of it) I clamp the forestay with this winch cable to haul the mast up (or lower) into position. I can do this single hand.

The mid position support (made from a 2X6 & galvanized steel)uses the mast base pins to hold it in place with a 1" strap wrapped around the mast.

The aft support telescopes up about 3' for raising / lowering the mast. Notice the rubber roller on top of it. It sits inside the curved aft drain gutter and is pinned to the table support loop for support. Made from a 2X4 I've had to adapt it to fit with the aft traveler There is also a 1" strap wrapped around the mast.
These steps are what I do to raise the mast:

1) Release all the straps holding the mast to all the supports.
2) Remove the center support.
3) Raise & pin the aft support with the mast on it.
3) Release the mast base from the FWD support & roll it back on the aft support rubber roller.
4) Insert the large pin through the mast base and the deck plate.
5) Raise the FWD mast support (with pulley on top of it) & pin it.
6) Tie the winch cable approx 6 Ft up the forestay while the mast is resting on the AFT roller.
7) Push the winch button, hold the mast & while watching, raise carefully & make sure no cables are twisted.
8) Pin the small pin to the mast base.
9) Tighten all the standing rigging.

Note: When raising or lowering the mast ensure the companionway hatch is fully aft.

Hope this helps someone. This setup allows me to easily raise & lower the mast alone and in perfect safety.

blobaugh 09-19-2012 02:07 AM

Re: Mast Support During Trailering
Everybody wants your knowledge these days ;)

Seriously though, your setup is much better than mine. I just tie my mast to the side deck and run it along the cockpit. Secured on the ends to the cleats, and in the middle to the life line stays.

After doing a few more in the water upgrades I may try to replicate your setup. I do not trailer often though so no rush.

Thanks for all your good info windyway!

windyway 09-19-2012 12:18 PM

Re: Mast Support During Trailering

Originally Posted by blobaugh (Post 923859)
Everybody wants your knowledge these days ;)


windyway 12-18-2012 09:32 PM

Re: Mast Support During Trailering
I added the steps I do to raise the mast, hope it's not confusing...:o

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