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Flfishindude 03-28-2014 08:48 AM

Raw water pump ??
While doing spring maintenance, I replaced the raw water impeller. After I replaced and started the engine I noticed a small stream of water running from the small hole on the pump. I don't see any numbers anywhere. Anyone know where pump model number is?? Rebuild / replace??? Your input appreciated.

jameswilson29 03-28-2014 09:04 AM

Re: Raw water pump ??
Which small hole?

Flfishindude 03-28-2014 09:29 AM

Re: Raw water pump ??
The one on the top of the shaft

Faster 03-28-2014 09:45 AM

Re: Raw water pump ??
More info on the engine itself, and a pic would go a long way.

Flfishindude 03-28-2014 05:26 PM

Re: Raw water pump ??
1 Attachment(s)
Picture attached ( i hope )

Flfishindude 03-28-2014 05:27 PM

Re: Raw water pump ??
Engine is a universal M18 in a 31. Thanks for your help

eherlihy 03-28-2014 06:34 PM

Re: Raw water pump ??
That is a Sherwood raw water pump. Oberdorfer makes the other pump for that engine. You could rebuild it, (read about that here: but do yourself a favor and don't...

Call Depco Pump in Tampa (or maybe St Pete) and just buy a new one. It should cost ~$200 The guys at Depco really are experts. Make sure that you get a catalog from them too.


eherlihy 03-28-2014 06:37 PM

Re: Raw water pump ??
.. If you are not going to follow my advice in the above post, Maine Sail posted a how to on rebuilding his Westerbeake pump here; Rebuilding A Raw Water Pump Photo Gallery by Compass Marine at

Flfishindude 04-12-2014 11:03 AM

Re: Raw water pump ??
Found a new Oberdorfer pump for about $275 plus shipping. Installation not to bad but lower mounting bolt pretty well corroded but I finally won the battle with it. Pump number is N202M-15.

Thanks to all for your help.

Now on to next issue.

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