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wlcoxe 08-14-2006 06:48 PM

The good, the bad and the...smelly...
Saturday was a bit blustery on Fishers Island Sound, and the tortilla chips and salsa and salad and stuff were kind of sliding around on the cockpit table, when it occurred to me that I had never tried heaving-to with the new edition of Kukulcán, so we did, and the knot-meter read zero and the only weigh we were making was because of the 1.5 kt current. My wife looked at me with adoration, as well she should. I'm not sure how she would have looked me if the jib hadn't back-winded as I hoped, but I didn't have to find out. Saturday night, after our guests had left, we went to get some clothes out of the forward hanging locker and had to give it up as a bad (smelly) deal. I knew in a trice what it had to be, and it wasn't St Nick, No, it was the old "the holding tank overboard vent is clogged and she won't pump or vent no-how, just stink" trick. Fortunately, there was an old coffee can with nothing but a shallow layer of cooking grease in it, so after I disconnected the vent hose from the thru-hull and caught (most) of the water, and cleared the (ugh) vent, and put it back together, which isn't easy at zero dark thirty, we opened the hatches, turned on the fan and headed for home. Today, I brought the boat around and pumped and flushed the tank (and vent hose, which works like a charm, now), and all is ready for another trip with friends on Wednesday. Whew and P-U. All this after a complete system rebuild before launching this Spring. Must be a boat. Fair winds and we'll see you on the water!
Patty and Bill, O28/O40, New london, CT

kaiken 08-21-2006 08:55 PM

I have a 34' which we just got a few months ago and when we took it for its first pump out yesterday nothing came out. The holding tank is full. But having studied the system i believethe PO may have been discharging directly ovrebaord. When i got the boat orginally i noticed that the sea **** thru hull discharge line was in an open position and immediately closed it. Now the really strange thing is that on the line going to the deck pump out fitting is a hand operated bellow type pump. I cannot firgure out what possible use this might be as it is after the Y valve. But when you try to pump out it immediately is suckde closed so i think thats why the vacum pump does not work. So the sysytem has not workde since new sanitation pipes were installed not that long ago i suspect. I cannot see any way anything gets past this bellows pump when the handel is eithre out of in , its internal valves would prevent it. And if i pump it all iwill do is put the holding tanks comtents out onto the deck !

any thoughts ?

wlcoxe 10-18-2006 09:38 PM

How'd this get thru?

sailortjk1 11-21-2006 02:05 PM

O.k., I'm sure the admin is going to like that one.

I thought we were going to stick to sailing.

administrator 11-21-2006 06:19 PM


Originally Posted by sailortjk1
O.k., I'm sure the admin is going to like that one.

I thought we were going to stick to sailing.

:mad: another spammer meets Triton

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