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gman31r 07-09-2007 10:52 PM

O'Day 302 -- Help...

I am selling my S2 7.9 :( and looking for a larger boat. The O'Day 302 cought my eye and I have been researching them. The broker selling my boat who has many years of sailing experience tells me that O'Days are not built well and are prone to leaking. But she also told me my S2 7.9 was worth less than 10K..

My question is, are these boats built well? Or were they the budget boat for the era.

Any info would be appreciated as I love the design of the 302.


denby 07-10-2007 08:12 AM

Hi gman,
I have a 1988 O'Day 302, bought it last September. Very happy with it. No leaks and have not heard of a leaking problem with them. I'm with a O'Day group which is in the area of NY, CT, NJ, RI and MA through this web site and have only heard of one leak on a through the hull connection of a 1985 O'Day 31 which could and does happen to any boat. That O'Day 31 is a vary nice boat I like the interior more then mine but i'm told by the owner my boat is faster then his.


gman31r 07-10-2007 05:28 PM

O'day 302
Hi Denby,

Thanks for the reply..

I am glad to hear that as I am really leaning towards a 1988 302. I love her design. How do you like her handling? Does she heel a lot due to the shallow draft? have you had any issues with the gelcoat or chainplate connections. I heard there were some issues with that.


denby 07-10-2007 10:18 PM


Handling appears to be similar to other boats that size, no apparent quirks. Heels ok, the shallow draft is a plus, don't forget there is some 2500 pounds of lead in that winged keel and you have a 10 foot beam. I have a 155% genny and on a broad reach in 12kt wind there was a slight heel. I had the boat surveyed by a competent surveyor and the only problems were a blister on the rudder and the cutlass bearing had to be replaced. Did it myself over the winter, got tips and ideas on the O'Day e-mail list which you can sign onto at this web site under resources - e-mail list, great group of people who are always willing to help. Had some nicks on the gelcoat which I sanded and epoxied for now and the chainplate connections were all good. Have the boat surveyed, it is well worth the money. Post on the e-mail list for a surveyor in your area. Also if you don't mind me asking how much is the boat and what comes with it. I think an O'Day 302 starts around $33000.Check out Oday sailboats Owners Web for Oday Sailboats and O'Day Daysailers for more info. And where are you located, it says Hudson are you toward New York City, if so I'm in Milford harbor, CT. maybe we can meet up sometime.

Hope I was of some help


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