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landlockvasailor 07-14-2008 10:21 PM

O'Day 22 refit by those past or current
I am in the midst with the refit of a 1975 22 ft, shallow keel. After a year have made progress ( want to get conversation with others that have completed, in the mist, or had the fortune of not having to do nothing !! Send notes and we maybe able to help each other. My purpose is not work harder but smarter.


countrygent147 11-10-2008 11:14 PM

Doing a Similar Thing
I recently bought a 1973 ODay 22 (shallow keeled). Bought a new Loadrite trailer customized for it.
The boat has some minor, I hope, problems. A topside leak, or leaks, has watered down the two wooden bunk platforms. Having naugahide cushion covers on top of them trapped the water quite well. Over the winter, hope to make new bunk platforms. Think topside leaks sources may be the mast plate on the cabin, the window seals, andor the life line stanchion fittings. Any ideas of other things to consider?
Also some cosmetic considerations that a good cleaning and fresh paint should handle.
By the way, where are you? I am in southeastern Connecticut, and hope to sail Fisher's Island Sound, to and from Block Island, and in the Narragansett Bay region. That's why the trailer. So not stuck at one dock or mooring.
Look forward to hearing from you, or other that own 22's and read this. :)

Perithead 11-11-2008 09:54 PM

vasailor, I could get your link to your blog to work.

Go check out the website in my signature and check out the Restoration page. There is a link there to a website about the refit of a O'day 22 that may be of some help to you, as well as links to other O'day websites. I bet if you looked around a bit there would be some more information that you could use.

Best of Luck.

countrygent147 11-20-2008 07:59 AM

Has anyone heard of anyone ever drilling a small hole, from outside in, near the bottom of the shallow keel to permit it's drainage while being stored ashore for the winter? Of course proper sealing could be an issue come spring.

landlockvasailor 11-30-2008 04:44 PM

Continuing to work on 22
I apoligize for not responding earlier. I apprecate your response and offer these as suggestions. Countrygent147 as to drilling a hole to allow to drain, I would not recommend. If there is not alot of water coming in, perhaps cover all the vents, overboards, or other openings with cloth. I have put in my Westerly years ago after doing this, a can of the chemical that condenses water. But every three weeks, it needs to be dumped. Here is a article that night be of interest A Warm, Dry Boat Bill’s Boat Blog

If you look at my blog, Landlocked Sailor Looking For A Salt Breeze
I had to cut out the area of the where the mast sits. On the deck I prefab a stainless steel plate for the tabernacle to to be bolted to thru below deck. Inside, I cut out a five by five, therabouts, area and glassed using west and fiberglass mat. Of course I removed and replaced the port bulkhead which made the work easier. I then have another stainless steel plate for the inside. When done there will be four stainless bolts to tie the two plates and four to tie the tabernacle. There is no core on my boat's deck, which you need to check on yours.

We are located 45 miles north of Greensboro NC in Virginia. 4.8 hours from my sisters boat in VA Beach and 5.2 hours from favorite marina in Deltaville VA. When I get this boat done, plan to take to Buggs Island Lake (Kerr) and work out the bugs. Then most likely take to VABeach to my sister dock.


jackhartjr 12-26-2008 08:57 AM

Bilge pump in your Oday 22's?
Hi guys, we have a bilge pump in our 75' Oday 22. It is located in the floor about 1 or so feet forward of the cabin entrance. When full it will pump about 5 gallons or so of water out ogf the drain which goes out through a through hull on the starboard side under the starboard settee.
If you need photos I can dig them out and post here.

wescarroll 01-04-2009 10:59 PM

Countrygent, The name of the drain hole is a 'garrboard plug". Haven't seen it too often on modern fiberglass sailboats, but some older power craft do have them. I wouldn't do it to my boat, pumping is easy enough, and far less likely to leak under way.

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