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BayBill 12-05-2009 08:07 AM

O'Day 22, 1977, Water Inside
The boat was given to me after donation-receiving groups turned it down. No telling how long it had been in the water w/o hauling out. At least two years at the location I got it. Could have called it the Grey Ghost from all the mildew on it. There are barnacles on barnacles. No trailer. A friend towed it to my dock.

Before the tow, there was about half an inch of clear water in the long, narrow compartment below deck. Checked it after the tow of about 45 minutes and the compartment was full of very dirty water. Sunny day enroute. Pumped it out and no new water in the compartment even after several days at my dock and a severe all night downpour.

In checking around the forward berth area, the compartment holding the water tank for the head had totally delaminated and was broken through with a little push. There was water in that space which holds foam flotation blocks.

The anchor rope was damp to the touch before and soaked after the rain. The rope was on the berth near the forward starboard window. I noticed the bolts holding the curved railing (?) at the bow were quite loose.

My main question is, from where could the water in the under deck compartment have come? Could it have entered externally? If so, why no additional water when not moving? And why was this water very dirty as opposed to the small amount of clear water initially? Could it have come from water shifting back as a result of a slight nose-up change in the attitude of the boat due to increased aft weight (me) and a slight upward pull by the tow rope? I found a small DC pump aboard which was taped to the end of a 6' stick. What could that have been for?

One might ask, why bother with this boat? The answer is I'll shortly have 5 grandsons and one granddaughter from 8 to 1 either living with us or nearby. Fixing it up and sailing it will be a great experience for all. Life is still an adventure.

Stillraining 12-05-2009 11:52 AM

You have answered one of your own questions...yes the water was there already and you shifted it around..this is obvious as you say zero has entered after words.
Condensation and rain water intrusion are the culprits then and can be successfully dealt with with proper care and maintenance.

Your craft is simple and small enough to rebuild quit only covet is the barnacle on barnacles possibly ruining your gel-coat below the water line..Not a death-neall for the boat but possibly creating a need to add a barrier coat and all its associated work.

Welcome aboard and good luck in the days ahead...Its a boat...yey!..:)

Keeley25 12-05-2009 12:02 PM

Water Aboard
The rain and poor maintenence are probably the cause of the leak. But check these as well as they could leak and are common things that do. If it has a holding tank, chances are it has a thru hull fitting to dump tank overboard. Also one to draw in outside water for flushing, if you have moved those valves after a long time of no movement, they may drible water. Check the mast, too. When it rains in mine, the mast leaks. I have searched for a solution to that but none I have found fit how I would like to stop the leak in the mast without stepping it. Im in saltwater on the ICW in Titusville, FL and whenever there is water aboard and your in salt water, taste the water to see if its fresh or salty. Dont know if that helps or not but the best is to just grab a hose and spay the boat and if nothing comes in from the top, then it was poor maint. Hope that helps.:)

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