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gpwil3847 01-17-2012 11:45 PM

1972 O'Day Mariner 19 (or old Rhodes 19)
Purchased this boat about 1992/3 from a Coast Guard LCDR on his way to Hawaii, docked it at Pensacola Naval Station Yacht Club and sailed all over Pensacola bay with my wife during my early days in the navy, later moved it to my Mom and Dad's house on Back Bay in Biloxi Mississippi and sailed there off and on between PCS moves with the Air Force. Has been kept largly on a trailer so the hull is still in great shape as are the sails and rigging. After Katrina I rebuilt the trailer which was connected to my Dads Truck and floated around the back yard during the storm, the boat wound up on the ground, trailer in pieces, the truck a total loss. I bailed the boat out after rebuilding the trailer and used levers to get the boat back on the trailer. The Centerboard was wedged into the trunk. Found it was a bolt on the aft part of the CB, I cut it out and the board dropped down. the CB cable I pulled out - NEVER force things! But I recently pulled the CB pin, and called the boat yard. the CB is so rusted that it will have to be sandblasted, and sanded to see if it can even be salvaged. If it can I came across an article with pictures - will use marine epoxy and will sand and repaint and reinstall. If not I will have to make one - any ideas appreciated. After that restoration will be a snap! redo the lights, paint, perhaps some new halyards and lines?? She sails like a dream but the board is an absolute must, loses course on a reach, or if close-hauled. Will keep this boat as a back up and for nostalgia sake - but my main boat will be my 1967 Morgan 24.

priceless9192 01-18-2012 11:58 AM

I am stuck with the same situation. My centerboard was stuck up inside. I got it out and have sandblasted it. I will start with epoxy soon. My only concern with the board is that it lost alot of width and weight from the rust and I am hoping it wont effect sailing

gpwil3847 01-18-2012 08:15 PM

Fortunately not all of the weight is in the centerboard there are 250 pounds of internal lead ballast along either side of the CB trunk, the board only weighs 70 pounds source: htp:

There is also

and Removal

I love sites that give information on my boats - pretty helpful. I figure I could possibly make a CB - perhaps a sheet of aluminum with some weight added and glassed over?? It doesn't have to be lead. fortunately had the mold for my Morgan 24 CB, I am paying $935!! that is how much I hate falling off my course from a reach through a close haul, though the Morgan has a rather substantial shoal keel and some swear the CB does not add that much - I do not believe it. My O'Day has been sitting on the trailer since I last sailed her because It is so frustrating!! The mariner is a wonderful sailboat and faster than some larger boats when everything is working. George

gpwil3847 05-01-2012 10:04 PM

Re: 1972 O'Day Mariner 19 (or old Rhodes 19)
While I am waiting for my Morgan 24, I have finally checked out my centerboard at great risk of bodily harm and death using cinder blocks and planks along with my trailer jack to lift the boat high enough to - almost - get the board out, yep it is rusty, but still quite heavy and seems solid. I used a flashlight and a coathanger to snag the centerboard cable and found it was still attached - swagged - securely to the aft of the board. I decided to just reinstall the board for now and perhaps next year take it to the shipyard to get the boat on a lift to remove the board safely. I used clear seal then placed the rubber and metal washers and tightened the centerboard pin up and smeared some clear seal all around the nut and the washers. I believe I will have a better seal now. I also placed a new stainless pin on the forward part of the board which was there originally to keep the board from rising too high in the trunk. Purchased some 4.80-12 tires 39.00 each and will change the old rotted tires on the wheels. I think I may make or re-skin the old worn hatch boards. with that after having my truck repaired I will be able to go sailing again. The motor needs a tune up. Did spend a few hours scrubbing the boat down, sits under oak trees so it does not take long for leaves to acumulate and block the drain holes and get the boat filthy again. She needs to be in the water for a while, I do have a dock so soon.

gpwil3847 05-08-2012 09:28 AM

Re: 1972 O'Day Mariner 19 (or old Rhodes 19)
I know very little about electricity but as lighting is extremely basic I traced the bow, stern, and mast lines stripped the leads and used alligator clips to connect the battery to each line after replacing the burned out bow and stern light I was thrilled to see just how easy it is to fix my running lights. I thought I had a short somewhere in the mast line as I burned my finger after disconnecting the anchor light on the mast which lit up! Prior to attempting to take all the bolts out of the mast to remove the wire I tried once more - the leads did not heat up! May have been moisture under the electrical tape, after reconnecting and taping everything I slathered clear seal over the electrical tape. I am repainting the electrical box which was rusted, will then reinstall the vintage 70's toggle switches and will be coast guard compliant. I had to turn the plastic lenses around because over the years the exposed part of the lenses were very brittle and cracked. I used clear epoxy to strengthen and hold them together but the bad side of the lenses are now under the chrome covers which shine like new. New lights like these run about $60 ea for what are probably $20 fixtures!!! New bulbs were under $4.00, and the Expoxy, electrical tape, and clear seal were alot cheaper! Should be good for another year or two. I purchased 1/2" oak skinned plywood and an aluminum vent with a screen behind it and will replace the very worn companionway boards plan to use tongue oil and hope that will help to protect the wood, seal the edges perhaps with a little varnish, would prefer a more natural finish kind of liked oiled teak.

gpwil3847 05-11-2012 08:22 PM

Re: 1972 O'Day Mariner 19 (or old Rhodes 19)
I am falling in love with my 1972 O'day Mariner 2+2 all over again. the new companionway doors made out of oak skinned 1/2" Plywood and used an aluminum eaves vent with a screen backing as the vent, stained it with teak oil looks great and is repelling water. purchased an porta potty as there is supposed to be one on the boat. the running and anchor light work great with vintage toggle switches. Plan to install a new sink faucett and find a plastic or aluminum basin to fit in the depression for the sink, will run tubing to the space behind the porta potty to a disposable water dispenser so that the water can be used to rinse hands, wet a towel, wash out a cup, or get a drink. there is also an ice box and room for 4 to sleep. I installed a 5 light led that is supposed to burn for 100,000 hours to roof just aft of the mast support it rotates and the lense tilts so that the light can be pointed where ever it is needed at night. there are two wood coaming shelves on either side of the cabin. Will install a compass. shaping up this 21' boat has been a snap. I am also looking for a 4.5hp motor which would be perfect. To make it look really good I could paint inside and out, and do some needed maintenance on the centerboard. Great boat, roomy cockpit and is wonderful to sail. I am really thrilled that doing this cost so little.

gpwil3847 05-14-2012 08:01 PM

Re: 1972 O'Day Mariner 19 (or old Rhodes 19)
Just ordered the Whale flipper MK4 Faucet to cover the hole that has been there next to the sink since 1991 when I purchased the boat, have been musing over painting the interior with a white enamel gloss except where the laminated fiberglass is, and the hull, topsides are really fine, I mean the boat is in pretty good shape for a 40 year old boat, that is the benefit of having the boat on a trailor most of the time. I will carry my little speaker that plugs into my Ipod for music, be able to releive myself, and to wash my hands or get some water. little things that make sailing better and more enjoyable. I am going to purchase about 5' of 1/2" tubing and connect it to a 5 gallon plastic water container, the water will add ballast and I can lift it out and empty it when the sail is over to keep the tank good for drinking water. The Johnson Sailmaster 9.9 will not fire up, the electric start turns the motor over, gas is spilling out of the carburetor, filter and plugs are clean. can't figure it out will have to wait for a pro, probably something simple?

gpwil3847 05-15-2012 12:09 AM

Re: 1972 O'Day Mariner 19 (or old Rhodes 19)
Launched the boat tonight, the running lights did not work, wonder if the battery was low, it is old, or is there is an issue with the mast - but no hot wires. I put a lanteren on the stern, raised the main, and in a very light evening air ran before the wind down to my dock, lowered the centerboard along the way and was over joyed to hear that hum, I know it is best to have it raised when running but wanted to check it out - workes fine! There was a small trickle in the port throughull fitting of the cockpit drain, I gingerly tightened it up with a pair of plyers did not want to cause a big problem were something catestrophic to occur. checked the bottom of the boat after an hour just about a quarter cup of water, will try some putty, and address this when the boat is out of the water again probably next week - the hull is not bottom painted. This compact little 21 footer is a joy to sail when everything works. Sails are a little dirty but still crisp. What a joy to be fully under the power of sail with no motor on the boat at all on a calm night. Should have some fun tomorrow! Have not had her in the water in about 5 years - 5 years!
life is so short why didn't I assess the centerboard long ago, now my wife's alzheimers is advanced, yet she wants to sail, I remember how we sailed all over Pensacola bay in this little boat I called the Dolphin (not creative at all for a name) in the early 90's when we were still newly weds, before we had children - sad to see where we are now, her mind failing and my heart breaking. She has her doctorate and taught nursing for years. Working on the boat is therapy for me. I learned to sail in high school at Cocoa Beach on the Banana River in an american Fiberglass Kingfisher, then Dad bought a Morgan 22 a very nice boat, I have always loved sailing but let things get in my way. Not any more. We are going to enjoy the time we have left.

gpwil3847 05-15-2012 12:58 AM

Re: 1972 O'Day Mariner 19 (or old Rhodes 19)
Oh, forgot - went to build a and designed a near exact copy of the Oday logo with the little blue triangle and all and under it centered Mariner it will come on a glossy bumpersticker I can cut off the excess and have two decals to replace the long gone Oday Mariner name plates that used to be on each sided of the cabin. that site is becoming a favorite with me 5.98 for both stickers and should last several years.

CalebD 05-15-2012 02:43 PM

Re: 1972 O'Day Mariner 19 (or old Rhodes 19)
One nice thing about smaller boats is they are easier to repair and maintain.
It is heart warming to read how you are taking care of both of your old girls (the boat and the wife).
I wish you many happy times ahead with your O'Day/Mariner/Rhodes 19' and crew. A friend of mine had one of these that we sailed on the Chesapeake.

What confused me is that you mentioned that the boat was 21'.

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