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nuffoftexas 10-09-2009 10:04 AM

Pearson Vanguard
There doesn't seem to be a group for Pearson's in general, so I will post here.

We're Chesapeake Bay bound and am considering a mid-60's Pearson Vanguard as my next sailer/trainer for weekends across the bay. Been looking at Sabre's too, but that's another story. I understand these are very old boats and overall condition will vary widely. I'm keen on Rhodes designs and would very much enjoy such a classic. So, the question is - are there any serious issues regading the Vanguard that might apply to all that were built? Mostly concerned with structural, rudder, or keel problems that might have been recommended as necessary repairs or replacement to all models. I have done my usual Internet research and discovered some in need of deck-to-hull reworking, but really nothing else. Mast support issues are also a concern, but that rule I think would generally apply to all sailboats. Any input or other experiences greatly appreciated. Thanks.

jrmaxwell 10-10-2009 08:05 PM

A solid choice
I don't have first hand experience with Vanguards, but have a few thoughts. Solid fiberglass boats don't hide many sins. If there are problems, you can see them. Vanguards had a reputation for being built like bridges. Later Pearsons are quite sturdy, so I have no reason to doubt it. Early fiberglass boats, for the most part, were overbuilt because builders were still learning how to use glass and the reputable ones erred on the side of safety. Hidden problems would be in cored areas like the deck. Any decent surveyor should be able to find core problems. They can be repaired, but depending on where it is and how extensive, it can take some time and effort. Sorry I can't offer more specifics. Good luck getting to the bay!

RedtheBear 11-06-2010 10:59 PM

Sailed a Vangard for several years in Florida. She had been an MORC racer that had been gutted out for speed. Rebuilt her interior for two couples to cruise on. She like to sail on her ear. Not very conducive to non-sailing friends out for a week-end. Not the fastest girl but she could keep up with the fleet. Hit a big brain coral with her keel that was very difficult to repair and EXPENSIVE!!! A bit deep draft for gulf coast coastal waters. Design a bit dated now you can do better for the same money.

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