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Robcooper0767 08-19-2011 02:47 AM

P30 Contingent Purchase - Annapolis/Baltimore
I have a deposit on a 1978 P30 that has been dry feet for 8 years. No engine, but boat is in pretty good condition. I noticed on a different thread from a number of years ago, what to look for when buying used P30. Noted Mast support......this boat has a crack in the liner to the right of the mast support (3+ inches) but examining the bilge at the foot of the mast shows no visual damage. The head door is not flush and the top right of the door contacts the right side of the door frame, so it will not shut. The boat has no engine.
1. I understand I will have to drop some money for an engne (anyone know of a good used one near Chesapeake Bay/DC/Phil/NJ region)?
2. The boat seems solid and I will be having a knowledgeable friend (Islander 30) inspect it with me this weekend.
3. Combination of owner wants to move on and stop paying monthly storage, and no motor has given me the potential opportunity to get this for a extremely good price.
4. Problem: Anything too good to be true usually is. Is the crack/door a showstopper,or does the mast support need to be replaced to mitigate the problem?
5. Can I find a reasonalby trustworthy place to get a used (not necessarily rebuilt, Atomic 4? Since I don't have a core, I will contact Moyer Marine, but I'm estimating a $7000 price......I really don't want to spend that much, but SHOULD I vs a Used motor. Don't want diesel...hate the smell.
6. Does anyone have a Point of contact for Annapolis P30 Club?
7. I'd like to see if a member would meet me at the yard on Sat, 20 Aug to give me some advice and "eyes on" to see the Mast support condition and overall condition (as it relats to a P30).
8. Love the 30'er, want to get one, just want to try to avoid "stupid".


Loki9 08-26-2011 07:23 PM

Hi Rob-

Sorry that you aren't getting more assistance here. I just bought a P30 myself, but I'm not expert enough to answer many of your questions and I'm on Long Island, so I can't help locally.

The one thing I know a bit about is motors and Atomic 4s in particular, which is what your boat originally came with. You can find used, running Atomic 4s without much effort. Ask at boatyards, watch Craigslist, etc. Running examples can be had for well under $1K.

Good luck!


Robcooper0767 08-26-2011 09:53 PM

Thanks! Turns out I decided against that specific P30. Needed more work than I had time and could have been 18 months before I got her in the water to my liking.
I continue to look and have found that there are quite a few with engine's not a young boat at 35! But no matter, I agree that Atomic 4's are there. Looking at another P30 tomorrow (hurricane permitting!) and a few days after Labor Day, I'll see one more. Keep your eyes peeled for me for P30's for sale in Maryland/Chesapeake area (Virginia too) under $10,000.
Thanks for the advice...
Best Regards,

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