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bwindrope 12-11-2012 03:45 PM

Book recommendations for rounding Van Isle?
Hi all, my family continues to prepare and get excited about our upcoming circumnavigation of Vancouver Island in 2013. We are all big readers, and are hoping to have a good library of books aboard on local topics.

I'm reaching out to this esteemed bunch hoping for some recommendations for books of local interest. Could be on anything from sailing, natural history, human history, geology, you name it. Assume we have read nothing (although we have read a lot) and just toss out any of your favorites. Let's all assume we've all read the The Curve of Time, however.

What say you?

bwindrope 12-25-2012 08:41 PM

Re: Book recommendations for rounding Van Isle?
Well golly, I guess I'll have to look elsewhere for literary references, or at least my post did nothing to inspire any suggestions. Since posting this question I've read a lot of bibliographies and have no shortage of recommended reading. Still, it would have been nice to have books recommended by fellow sailors familiar with the area. Guess I'll stick to epoxy and grease posts!

jackdale 12-25-2012 10:16 PM

Re: Book recommendations for rounding Van Isle?
Sorry I missed you initial post.

I have been around over a dozen times.

Did you want guides or stuff to read along the way.

For a good read.

Sailing Home - Gary Geddes
Adventures in Solitude - Grant Lawrence (life in Desolation Sound)

Faster 12-25-2012 10:17 PM

Re: Book recommendations for rounding Van Isle?
Not sure why I missed the OP... Goes without saying that any Dreamspeaker guides that cover the trip are worthwhile, though expect some 'out of date' info. The original Pacific Yachting cruising guide for the West Coast is still going to be helpful, it's the newest of that now rather dated series.

The latest 'Docks and Destinations' books by Peter Vassilopolis will give good, recent info on marinas along the way, and his orignial 'Beyond Desolation Sound' is probably still a good reference. Marine Parks' Forever's marine park guide is an inexpensive guide to the various parks you may encounter.

I expect one would find the odd blog on the subject nowadays too.. with perhaps the most current info of all.

The BC Coastal Pilot is quite a book, and though intended mainly for heavier shipping will have good info on approaches and dangers along the way.

For fun a copy of BC Coast names and origins will be entertaining.

Take plenty of time and plenty of charts!! Is that this coming summers' plan?

bwindrope 12-26-2012 01:38 PM

Re: Book recommendations for rounding Van Isle?
Hi there Gentlemen, thanks to you both!

I'm a confessed guidebook lover and the last Dreamspeaker we need is for the Broughtons. Buying that will mean we own the set! I have a few grumbles with their guides, but overall I find them clear and mostly accurate. I'm aware of the others, and have read them all. I think we won't sail with too many other guidebooks, but certainly with all the paper charts, and two chartplotters and one GPS aboard.

But my question is mainly about pleasure reading. I'd love a good library of books on sailing the area, the human history and of course, natural history. Between Anthropology and Zoology degrees, I have interest in the whole range of life there!

We've now spent what feels like many years on the East Side of Vancouver Island up to Sonora Island, and one summer a while back I paddled my kayak solo from Anacortes to Port Hardy, so I have experienced further north and the particular pleasures of Johnstone Strait.

Anyway, thanks again for book ideas. Our departure date from Campbell River will be about July 14th, 2013. I will have taken Aeolus up to CR in the weeks prior to save us that 140 miles of familiar territory on our voyage around.

BTW Faster, I just saw your post on your stringers and must add my kudos for a job well done. So satisfying to make something stronger, and what wonders a coat of paint does!

jackdale 12-26-2012 01:56 PM

Re: Book recommendations for rounding Van Isle?
I would also recommend the Canadian Hydrographic Service Sailing Directions.

I am not sure what route you intend after Campbell River, but Seymour Narrows is my least favourite as I like to spend as little times as possible in Johnstone Strait. I like both the Yucultas and Octopus Islands route, although the latter does result in more time in the Strait. I prefer to take Whirlpool Rapids to avoid Race Passage.

bwindrope 12-26-2012 03:44 PM

Re: Book recommendations for rounding Van Isle?
I sure plan to avoid Johnstone Strait too, both for weather and aesthetic reasons. We have 7 days to go from Campbell River to Port Hardy, where we will be dropping off some friends who join us for the first week. In that time, I think we have time to go back around the southern tip of Quadra and take the back routes to the Queen Charlotte Strait Area.

Thanks for your tips Jackdale. Anyone who has gone around as much as you has wisdom I appreciate hearing.

On my kayak trip in 1996 I faced daily headwinds of 25-40 knots around Chathan Point all the way, every day, to Port Hardy. Just horrible for paddling, but won't be much nicer in a sailboat motoring! I'm not sure how much less the winds will be on the northern routes, but at least there is less fetch.

jackdale 12-26-2012 04:08 PM

Re: Book recommendations for rounding Van Isle?
I like to go through the Yucultas and then to Blind Channel.

I have posted some info here

They have free wifi and that gives me a chance to check the Environment Canada Marine web site. (Pacific - South Coast - Forecast - Environment Canada) for both a forecast and the current conditions. The web site conditions update hourly. I watch Fanny Island which is where I will enter the Strait. I often check the weatherfax to see what is coming in the next few days. Downloading grib files will give a sense of the next week. I get usually get a cell connection to check the site again after I get into Sunderland Channel after going through Whirlpool rapids.

I then will bail out of the Strait at Havannah Channel which will get me into the Broughtons. Knight Inlet can get similar conditions to Johnstone Strait, but the route to Tribune Channel is quite short.

If you need to get Hardy quickly stay at Lagoon Cove (just get there in time for the potluck) or Potts Lagoon and then enter the last part of Johnstone Strait by going through Baronet Passage. I get get to Hardy from here is a day.

Faster 12-26-2012 04:56 PM

Re: Book recommendations for rounding Van Isle?
Do you have Voyages to Windward by Elsie Hulsizer? They are a Puget Sound couple who spent a lot of time on the West Coast, going up the 'hard way'...

bwindrope 12-26-2012 06:05 PM

Re: Book recommendations for rounding Van Isle?
Helpful advice Jackdale, thanks. And Faster, yes, it's a great book that I have read through several times. She is a good writer and they have some good stories to tell. Their experiences off Estevan Point are memorable, IIRC.

My wife is most concerned about doing this:

So we will have all the usual over-the-counter and prescription meds for her equilibrium!

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