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northoceanbeach 05-16-2013 01:59 PM

Can I anchor for a week?
Well things are trucking along pretty good.

But ....having the dog along was a mistake mistake mistake! Not only does the wet and the shedding drive me absolutely crazy but she hates it. She a bit of um, I want t say something but let's go with she just doesn't like it. Bad call on my part. Not to mention pulling into an anchorage at 7 at night tired and reay not wanton to blow up the dinghy to go to shore.

So she is going back. I've got my car parked in Port Townsend but I'd hate to have to spend 25 bucks a night hole I gk back especially since I've got to spend about $150 in gas. That's a $300 trip.

If I anchor in a really protected bay like there's a llace called mats mats nearby do you think I'd come back to still have a boat? I'm feeling good about my ground tackle and I think people do anchor for a week at a time at least while they are aboard.

I am open to other ideas as well. Such as state Pam motoring buoys or something or even a cheap slip that has weekly rates.

Alex W 05-16-2013 02:16 PM

Re: Can I anchor for a week?
Check Craigslist for slip sublets. It's not quite cruising season (when there are lots of them), but you might get lucky.

I bet you could find a helpful live-aboard near PT who might keep an eye on your boat for a week in exchange for a small amount of while you take the dog home. That would make me more comfortable with anchoring, though I'd probably do it either way.

You can get to PT by public transit from many locations in Kitsap, so you might find a cheaper place to go than back to the large public marina. Maybe Port Ludlow? Wolfenzee on here recently moved there.

erps 05-16-2013 02:23 PM

Re: Can I anchor for a week?
I would be more worried about my dinghy at the public boat launch than my boat anchored out. There are unattended anchored and moored boats all over the place up here. We used to moor our boat at the north end of Camano Island for almost twenty years. If a boat disappeared, it was because the mooring failed and not because of theft. We've been in Mats Mats Bay before and I remember a boat that was so neglected that the topsides were the same color as the bottom sides. It looked like it had been unattended for years.

I hear you about traveling with a dog. We travel with one ourselves and our schedule revolves around his comfortable bladder capacity.

jimgo 05-16-2013 02:54 PM

Re: Can I anchor for a week?
Would getting a powered inflator for the dinghy, or keeping the dinghy inflated and towing it, make things easier for you? I know it doesn't solve the shedding or some of the dog's other problems, but at lesat it would make some aspects easier.

northoceanbeach 05-16-2013 04:06 PM

Re: Can I anchor for a week?
It would. I don't feel that that's proper seamanship though. I'm probably wrong. But I see myself as not just having a summer sail but practicing skills so that I can become a truly great sailor. So sometime unfortunately that means I can't tow a dinghy. I have to be prepared for a storm lol. I know it's silly. But it makes me feel good.

And really. She just doesn't like it at all. She didn't drink any water until we were anchored for the night for days straight since she is such a nervous wreck.

jimgo 05-16-2013 04:14 PM

Re: Can I anchor for a week?
I can respect that. Not sure I'd always practice that approach if it meant I wasn't enjoying my sails, but I can appreciate the desire to always do it "right". I have a cheap 120v pump that filled my 8' inflatable in less than 5 minutes, and I really didn't have to do anything.

How do you load/unload the dinghy?

Do you have a bed or other familiar comforts for your dog? Our dog used to love our powerboat when I was a kid? Though she wasn't a big fan of the vibrations when underway. I bet she would have loved a sailboat, especially if we kept the heeling to a minimum.

northoceanbeach 05-16-2013 09:18 PM

Re: Can I anchor for a week?
I put the dinghy in its bag on the port settee underneath the cockpit seat. Foot pump. Not too hard, but not something you really want to make a daily routine.

I think me doing things by the book makes it more fun for me in ways. Gives me a purpose. I am practicing for blue water.

jimgo 05-16-2013 11:56 PM

Re: Can I anchor for a week?
Again, I can appreciate that. But a solar charger (or your alternator) would let you charge up a battery (or possibly directly power) and use a powered pump. It will hangs your life! :)

I had an 11' inflatable that I tried to use a foot pump on. It took almost 20 minutes, and I hurt afterwards (getting older and not exercising regularly is starting to catch up to me). With my electric pump, it took 5 minutes to fill all 3 chambers of my 8' and the only thing that was sore was my wrist from holding the inflator.

northoceanbeach 05-17-2013 03:10 AM

Re: Can I anchor for a week?
It's not the inflating that I mind so much though I thank you for the suggestion. As we all know I did get that super sweet solar panel a while back. Hopefully it's doing something.

It's more the whole process. It's heavy and unwieldy to get from the cockpit to the deck and then I have to take it out of the bag and unfold it on a bow it just barely fits on. Then pump. Then lift one side above the lifelines so it can inflate fully. Now I tie a line so when I throw it overboard it doesn't float away. Oops. Just like real life I forgot to put the bench on. So I go get that and the paddle out of the cabin. Put those in now I'm ready to go.

The worst part if dragging back on deck and deflating it and trying to get it dry enough it won't get my mattress wet then rebag it.

It's not really all that bad and if I'm going to stay at a place for a couple days then no problem. The problem is if I anchor late say 7-8, tonight it was 9:00 when I finished. There's no way I want to get it out if I am just leaving in the morning. I can leak over the side.

It's not it in and of itself. It's that with my 6 showers a week, three cups of coffee a day, endless quests for food. Laundry, 2-3 boat washes a week. Something's got to give because sailing is hands down no questions asked my favorite part of this trip. 5 of my 6 top moment were when sailing so anything that takes all the time away from the sailing part has to be budgeted for time.

Faster 05-17-2013 09:25 AM

Re: Can I anchor for a week?
We solve the 'pump up dry out deflate' blues on days like that by using nice, compact 9.5 foot plastic kayaks for most shore excursions.

They are small enough to store on deck, though at 24 feet not as easily as 34 of course. Lightweight they have the added advantage of being oyster/barnie/sharp rock proof (unlike any inflatable), they provide a source of exercise and a whole new dimension to 'exploring the bay' while you're anchored.

Our dinghy only comes out of the bag if we have company.

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