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BirdBrain333 01-23-2014 10:38 AM

PSC 34/37 How fast (or slow)
Dear folks,

Jay here on Kenlanu down in the Bahamas after a 2,101 mile trip from Maine. As most of you know I love this boat, trust her with my life (literally and figuratively), and recommend her near and far. Kenlanu is a shoal draft 37'.

Recently a friend who will be heading from FL to the South Pacific in a couple of years agreed to trade in her present boat for something more suitable. BUT she steadfastly believes that the PSC 34 and 37 are slow boats.

I am afraid that I have to agree with her somewhat (and remember I love this boat!). After sailing a Pearson Vanguard with which we often passed considerably bigger boats I was shocked on getting Kenlanu to be passed -- often by smaller boats. Grrrrr.


My question for all you PSC 34 and 37 owners, how do you rate the speed of your lovely boat, especially compared to other boats you have owned? Who passes you and whom do you pass?

Many thanks
Kenlanu PSC 37 # 171 snuggled in in the Bahamas

mondofromredondo 01-23-2014 11:11 AM

Re: PSC 34/37 How fast (or slow)
My Cal 34 was faster.
Accelerated faster and cruised faster in light wind.
Had to reef sooner though and it would round up in as little as 17 knots of wind.

RainDog 01-23-2014 12:05 PM

Re: PSC 34/37 How fast (or slow)
A lot depends on what you compare it to. Other boats of the same LOD? Same LWL? For sure the PSC water line is shorter than most boats of the same LOD. The will limit top speed. It also depends if you are talking about cruising or racing.

For racing I think the best you can do to compare is look at PHRF, for example PHRF New England - Handicapping - Base Handicaps.

For cruising I think this article is gives the best answer you are likely to get: It basically contends real-world cruising speed is purely a function of two variables: LWL and SA/D. So again, the short LWL makes the PSC slower than boats with a longer LWL.

DaveMancini 01-23-2014 04:48 PM

Re: PSC 34/37 How fast (or slow)
Geez! Not this again.

Psc242 01-23-2014 06:26 PM

Re: PSC 34/37 How fast (or slow)
I heard Crealok speaking about this issue.
He said that on a long trip you will get somewhere near the head of the group.
And the reason is that the comfort of the sailing will eliminate the fatigue that the others will suffer from, and thus they will have to hove- to and rest few times along the way.
I think that our boats are build heavier and they are stronger than average.
Most of the Crealocks I saw in my area were being sailed by friends that sail their boat at leisure and they are happy “as long as the boat moves”.
We are not racers.
Now I can go back to my Dark and Stormy.

BirdBrain333 01-23-2014 06:28 PM

Re: PSC 34/37 How fast (or slow)

Originally Posted by DaveMancini (Post 1337257)
Geez! Not this again.

Dear David (and others),

If this has been covered in a thousand posts which I somehow missed I am sorry to flog a well beaten horse. Please direct me to any relevant threads of which you know. My search here and of the archives did not turn up much but perhaps it is my aging brain.

Thanks, Jay
PSC 37 Kenlanu

RainDog 01-23-2014 06:42 PM

Re: PSC 34/37 How fast (or slow)

Originally Posted by Psc242 (Post 1337537)
Most of the Crealocks I saw in my area were being sailed by friends that sail their boat at leisure and they are happy “as long as the boat moves”.
We are not racers.


If you are not willing to give up 5% speed for comfort, quality, and strength, PSC is probably not the boat for you. I certainly recognize many people would much prefer the extra 5% speed.

Here is the most recent thread on this topic I am aware of:

BirdBrain333 01-24-2014 09:05 AM

Re: PSC 34/37 How fast (or slow)
Thanks, everyone for some great information and insights. The Beth and Evans formula using LWL and sail area/dispacement to calculate real-world speed is a gem which will help my friend compare different boats and what can be expected in terms of daily runs chasing coconuts.

Thanks again,
PSC 37 Kenlanu

DaveMancini 01-24-2014 11:04 AM

Re: PSC 34/37 How fast (or slow)
Hi Jay,

The boil down as I see it is this: ocean cruising is not about how fast we get there, it's about getting there in one piece, safe, rested and maybe even in a little style. And when we do get there, we'd rather go snorkeling or enjoy the sights and not have to repair a bunch of stuff that broke along the way because the boat is not quality built and outfitted. Personally, I love being at sea and one more day on a 20 day passage is not a negative. Ocean cruising is about leaving all that get-there-fast stuff behind anyway. All of us who have cruised in a Pacific Seacraft understand these things. What is tiresome is having to justify our boats on the basis of speed alone. As far as I'm concerned, people who would leave a PSC out of consideration because they believe them to be slow, at the expense of more important factors like seaworthiness, comfort and quality, just don't get it, and I refuse to go down that road with them (fast or slow) and attempt to persuade them based on their flawed paradigm.

Dave Mancini
PSC34 #305 Swan

34crealock 01-24-2014 01:29 PM

Re: PSC 34/37 How fast (or slow)
Dr Paris spent a fortune on a light, fast boat, built by a reputable yard. In Maine language he " stove the hell out of it in two weeks" in nothing but normal Atlantic gales. Does any one think their bone stock PSC would have made it to South Africa needing a complete refit? Just sayin'

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