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samchristo 08-01-2007 04:16 PM

Fuel tank Replacement
Did anyone save the old thread describing (or have experience with) fuel tank replacement on a 34 ? We have a replacement tank and I'm trying to get the threaded rod out - with little success. Thought I'd look for suggestions before I dig out the heavy tools...

sv Grace PSC34#163

richnren 08-02-2007 04:37 PM

Fuel Tank Replacement
Brewer's, South Freeport, replaced the tank in my '87 Sheel keel 34 this winter.

Here's how they got the rods out: two people worked at the same time, one on the nut on each end of the rod. Together they screwed the nuts towards each other. They then pushed the rod one way until the other end came out of the hole.

They took the opportunity to repair a small delamination on the forward side of the stringer at the aft end of the tank, check the keel bolts, and replace the fuel hoses.

In my boat the big problem was that the replacement tank (fiberglass, made by PSC) was too big for the space. It took MANY hours of fitting and grinding to get the tank in place. Also, much of the work took two people due to the size and weight of the tank and the confined space in which the work was performed.

In addition, the new tank is taller, so that the threaded rods will no longer serve to hold the tank in place (in fact I had to make a divot on the bottom of the hatch to make space for the fuel gauge).

Currently, the tank is not held down, but we're working on a solution, which will probably entail a flat metal strap or two, screwed into the sides of the structure.

Had the tank fitted properly, it would have been a quick and easy job. As it was, it was grueling and expensive. The end result will be worth it, as I won't have to worry about this tank as long as I own the boat - may that be a LONG time!

Invicta, PSC 34 #69

samchristo 08-06-2007 05:21 PM

Thanks for your note. It didn't show up in our SailNet Email and I just saw it last night on the PSC Forum.
Actually, shortly after Sam posted his query he managed to get both the retaining bars off. We had the new aluminum tank made by John Justin of Custom Marine in CA who makes them for PSC. When Sam had asked Robin at PSC for the name of their supplier, he was told that they don't make a fiberglass tank for the Scheel keel boats. That settled the dilemma of which type of tank we should get. The new tank fit well and Sam's putting on the last hose connection now. The hardest part of our installation was getting the old tank out..we finally managed to get a strap under it and pull it up. The new tank has four metal tangs at the top that are perfect for lifting points. Wish the old one had had them.

Sorry to hear what an ordeal your installation turned out to be. Hope your securing straps work well. Best wishes.

Sam and Ginger
s/v Grace, PSC 34 #163

richnren 08-06-2007 09:37 PM

I'm glad the replacement went well. I like the way PSC designed the installation, and I just wish they hadn't decided to monkey with it when they did my new one. Either way, though, we both have great tanks.

Like most things on these boats, the original plan is well thought out.

Best wishes to you too!


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