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BirdBrain333 12-24-2008 12:59 PM

LAVAC Head in PSC 34/37
Well, it looks like my first job in our "new" PSC 37 will be to replace the Head. Oh Joy. Has anyone installed a LAVAC Popular model on a PSC 34 or 37? I'm wondering how you worked out the placement of the pump and the hose runs. Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays to all.


PSC 37 # 171, KenLanu

johnbanfield 12-27-2008 02:55 AM

we just did this. We went with the top-lever pump, not the through-bulkhead type. . We ended up with putting the pump inside the locker, screwed to the fwd wall of the cabinet next to the head.
We managed to get it so that the full throw of the pump handle just misses the sink pipe, but the door still closes.
Height-wise, we put it as low as we could on the wall section above the lip - it needs to be above the waterline.
This job took all day - we used white sanitation pipe for the 1st time and either it is a pain to work with, or i'm doing it wrong. Now we have it in it works very well - it was worth it. We have a 3 way valve to a holding tank as per the Lavac instructions. Just take your time and it'll go OK.

PSC37 Liberty

BirdBrain333 12-27-2008 11:36 AM

LeVac Head Install
Thanks, John. I can well imagine it was an all day project wrestling that reluctant pipe. If you have pictures that would be fabulous!

Thanks again, Jay

wsmurdoch 12-29-2008 09:27 PM

A previous owner of my 34 removed a Lavac toilet and installed a Groco Type K. The Lavac was gone and the Groco in place when I got the boat. The Lavac hand pump had been mounted in the head compartment on the surface of the bulkhead with the vee berth just below the height of the counter top. The hoses to and from the pump passed out of holes drilled in the cabinetwork between the cabinet door and the bulkhead, one high near the top of the cabinet door and one low nearly level with the bottom of the cabinet door. I know this because I completed the transition from Lavac to Groco by filling the four screw holes in the bulkhead with colored compound to match the laminate and plugging the two large holes in the cabinet face with varnished teak disks.

Bill Murdoch
1988 PSC 34
Irish Eyes

svjobeth 12-29-2008 09:56 PM

We're looking at doing this on our boat. The Groco-K has been a workhorse, but the tired old pump casting needs to be replaced - and the darn things cost about $1,300 - just for the pump assembly!

I've been puzzling over the plumbing aspect of the LaVac, so this helps out alot -

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