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Petethenomad 05-26-2009 10:59 AM

Trucking a PSC 34
Rocinante is down in the Caribbean, where I have been sailing for ten years and spending the summers on Vancouver Island. Now I am settling here in BC and need to decide what to do with my lovely boat on the hard in Carriacou. I would sell her but there is not much of a market there right now so the price would have to be pretty cheap. I have been looking at trucking her from Florida to Anacortes, near Seattle. I found a very useful site, uShip, where you get open bidding from truckers. I got bids from $5500 and up. I could even arrange to go with her and sleep in the boat at rest stops as the driver kipped in the truck. It seems that the 34 can be towed by a decent pickup and a low bed trailer and is under height and under width, making it a pretty easy haul.

Has anybody got experience of trucking a 34 that they could share?

I went sailing in Desolation Sound with my brother recently and it is beautiful. Rocinante would be perfect for these waters. Or I could get a better price for her here that would offset the cost of trucking.

JohnRPollard 05-26-2009 01:31 PM


I'm a bit skeptical about hauling that distance with a pick-up truck. With trailer and typical load of cruising gear, I would guess you're talking about close to 20K pounds. That's a mighty load for a pick-up. But maybe with a dual axle?

Not sure what time of year you plan to do this, but if it's in the autumn/winter/early spring, remember that you will have to fully winterize the boat for the trek across country.

Good luck! BC sounds like a beautiful place to settle.:)

MC1 05-26-2009 08:46 PM

You may also want to try asking for a quote from J&F Marine Services. I recently had a 34 trucked by Alberts Trucking at a very good rate, set up through them. The service and the equipment used were very good.

Boat Transport Specialists - J&F Marine - 1-888-279-8899 - Transport Your Boat With Us

Regarding the pickup truck option, you'd definately need a dual axle and wide load permiting. I might consider that for a short trip over a fairly flat route, but it seems risky for the distance you're indicating.

lsbrodsky 05-27-2009 12:39 PM

Back in 1996 I had my 31 trucked from Illinois to Long Island Sound. I arranged with a boat trucking firm that was recommended by the nearest PSC dealer. When the truck arrived it had all kinds of special doodads and rollers to minimize any possible damage to the hull. The driver knew exactly where to set everything as well as doing an outstanding job of placing and securing the spars on the trailer. When the boat arrived at its destination, there wasn't even a scratch from the transport. I think trucking an expensive boat is a specialized job that demands the right specialists.

unomio 05-27-2009 12:42 PM

I agree with the comments posted so far and would like to add another. We trucked our PSC 40 from southern California to Seattle, and learned a lot from the trucker who carried the load. He made changes to the way the boat had been prepped (by professionals) for transport, and his attention to detail was impressive. It took him a full day to get the load ready for transport after the travelift had put it on the truck. In addition, the trucking company already had the proper cradles (they did a lot of carrying for PSC when they were in southern California)--we would have had to rent them otherwise, which would have added to the cost. The result was no damage to the boat from the trucking process and a big load off our minds (grin).

The 34 is somewhat smaller, but still big enough that we'd definitely have it professionally trucked if it were our boat.

Wannafish 05-27-2009 01:50 PM


Originally Posted by Petethenomad (Post 489439)
Has anybody got experience of trucking a 34 that they could share?

I moved my 34' Seafarer (already on a custom built trailer) from Detroit to Manistee Michigan (about 200 miles) using a nearly new 1 ton Ford Diesel pickup. I would not want to go any farther than that without a Semi.
Unless the beam of your boat is less than 96", you will most likely need a Wide Load Permit for at least some of the states you will transport thru. (If the trailer tires are inside the beam of the boat, it reduces the stability immensely.) Each state has it's own requirements and will require it's own permit. Let a trucking firm handle that - hire a good one and you will save money in the long run...not to mention your sanity.


Tight knuckles and a pinched sphincter.

mondofromredondo 05-27-2009 03:47 PM

That kind of weight with that kind of length and width would be so difficult to manage. The biggest thing I'd be worried about would be insuring the boat for that trip. If I was an insurance company I'd charge you top dollar to insure that beautiful boat for a trip behind a pickup truck.

Best of luck !

jrd22 05-27-2009 05:47 PM

With a beam of 10' you will need overwidth permits in each state you pass through. Although the displacement is only about 13-14000lbs the weight is going to be up fairly high so you will need a heavily built trailer to do the job safely. I've hauled a lot of equipment with everything from pickups to the largest semi's and you should not underestimate this trip you are considering. Anything less than a class 8 truck with semi trailer and you are asking for trouble IMHO. Dudley is a reputable boat hauler and I personally used Load a Boat to transport our 40' from San Diego to Anacortes and they did an excellent job. Good luck, maybe we'll see you in Desolation this summer.

wmjr 05-29-2009 09:48 AM

I will just add my amen to the posts so far. I shipped my 31 from Florida to California with a professional company with a pro rig for about what you are quoting (but yes, 10 years ago) and everything went perfect. Some extra money here would be well spent. Someone with a pickup truck would have to have 10 or 15 completed trips with full resume to make me even consider it. In the end I would probably take the pro rig.

John Van Dinther

Lansdowne 09-30-2009 11:35 AM

trucking Crealock
Having done the Large Pickup, Larger load in my youth, I would rather you didn't try it. Prob be more tickets than travel.
However, I have had thoughts of modifying a light semi lowboy trailer, purchasing a good older light semi tractor and having a "Baja un-bash" travel setup for 'shoreside crusing'. Back from Baja any time of the year? Down for a month? Maine in the spring? Joint owned?
Any intrest ou there?

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