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stevemac00 02-23-2010 09:51 AM

NC Outer Banks Marinas
We've talked about moving our PSC 31 from Lake Michigan to NC coastal area. We'll soon be returning north from FL and thought maybe we could stop around there for a few days and check out marinas. I know a few members are from around there Asylum (although I recall Larry sold it) and Irish Eyes. I'd appreciate hearing if anyone has suggestions or recommendations.

SecondWindNC 02-23-2010 10:08 AM

What part of the Outer Banks are you interested in? N.C. offers some great sailing in the sounds and rivers - Pamlico Sound and the Pamlico and Neuse Rivers, including Ocracoke, which is considered part of the Outer Banks. At Ocracoke there is the Anchorage Inn and Marina.

But most of the Outer Banks - Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, up to Corolla and down to Hatteras, is generally more known for sportfishing than sailing. Colington Harbour has some sailboats but I think you have to live there to get a slip. Manteo may have some facilities as well.

I've been asked about Outer Banks sailing before, so I too would like to hear from those who have sailboats there.

For keeping your 31 in coastal N.C., there are lots of great places to do that in areas like Washington, Oriental, New Bern, Beaufort/Morehead City, etc. but those are south of what's considered the Outer Banks.

Does that help at all or is it clear as mud? :laugher

PBzeer 02-23-2010 10:22 AM

Manteo would probably be your best bet, but anywhere along the Outer Banks is going to be shallow. For sailing, Oriental is rightful called the sailing capital of NC. It offers the most possibilities for everything from day sails or overnights, to week long excursions.

stevemac00 02-23-2010 11:55 AM

My mistake for thinking Oriental was part of outer banks. At this point we're just thinking of possibilities so anywhere around there is a possibility - thanks for the ideas.

SecondWindNC 02-23-2010 01:00 PM

Where would you be coming in from when you come to use the boat? Flying in to Raleigh, driving in, etc?

In general, what coastal N.C. offers is great sailing, forgiving cruising grounds, fresh seafood and neat maritime communities to visit. What it doesn't have are big urban areas or a busy nightlife. For many sailors that seems to be a favorable trade.

From what you've said so far, Washington and Oriental would be the first two places I would suggest checking out. Of course I'm partial to Washington.

Alannc44 02-23-2010 02:22 PM


Originally Posted by stevemac00 (Post 573103)
My mistake for thinking Oriental was part of outer banks. At this point we're just thinking of possibilities so anywhere around there is a possibility - thanks for the ideas.

Washington is THE place for Pacific Seacrafts since they're made here now! Those guys are a great resource, and it sure is nice to be around the other PSC boats. At Carolina Winds, where I keep Kon Jeni-Al, there must 8 or so others...from the 31 footer to 40. The thing I like about Washington is the access from the mainland. From Charlotte, where I live, it takes me about 3:45 minutes to reach, as compared to over 5 hours for Oriental. I guess you'll be coming down from the north so think Raleigh, then 1:45 minutes from there.

Washington is pretty deep and very protected. It does take 30 minutes or so to get to the sailing ground, but the upside of that is protection from storms.

Washington is a great little town. It's probably the most historical town I've seen in N.C. and I'm a native.


teejayevans 02-23-2010 03:15 PM

Sheraton (Bridge Point): Right in town of New Bern, very convenient, they
are probably more expensive then others, hotel on site.

Carolina Wind : Right in town of Washington, very convenient, but space was at a premium
when I was there 5 years ago. Have to travel about 5 miles before you get out of the channel.
Lots of road noise from nearby bridge and can have lots of current.

Dowry Creek : 2 Miles from small town of Belhaven, family owned, one of the most popular
stops for snowbirds. Fuel available, exposed to SE. Had the cleanest facilities when I was
there. Very quiet. Has pool/clubhouse.

Whittaker Creek : Right in town of Oriental, across the creek are 2 boatyards.

Northwest Creek : Huge, condo type marina, well protected, about 6 miles from New Bern.

Wayfarers Cove : Super protected, entrance is claustrophobic, about 25 miles from New Bern,
8 miles from Oriental, boatyard as well (I think allows do it yourself).

This doesn't include Beaufort, most of them you are sailing within 1nm, I don't know about
wireless for all since some of them I haven't been to in years. The ones on the neuse are
closer to the ocean. Some kick you out if a hurricane is approaching.
There are others, some are too shallow for deep draft sailboats. With the exception of NW
I been at all of these. Coming from Raleigh, Belhaven would be 2.5 hrs, Oriental is about 4
hours. Assuming you are going back to Michigan and leaving the boat here, you might want
to consider leaving in same marina as one of your fellow PSers.
Prices will run +/- $250 for a 31.

One more thing, Pamlico doesn't have lunar tides, but does have wind tides, water levels can
fluctuate +/- 2 feet or more depending on the wind. Keep this in mind.

stevemac00 02-23-2010 03:59 PM

This is great and we're thinking out loud. We're retired and would like to have a longer sailing season than we get in Wisconsin. I have family in the Carolinas so we thought it might be a possibility to keep the boat there. We'd drive down and stay a month or so at a time.
While we've sailed extensively on the Great Lakes and Caribbean we've never sailed coast-ally and this area seemed like a good choice.
I didn't realize there were so many choices in Marinas.

SecondWindNC 02-23-2010 05:24 PM

teejay, very helpful list and fair assessments. Have you been to River Dunes? Haven't been myself but I've had some charterers stop through there who said it was very nice. Less accessible, though.

I'll also add Belhaven Waterway Marina.

By the way, the new U.S. Hwy 17 bypass around Washington will reroute most of the heavy traffic off our bridge when it opens sometime this summer.

PBzeer 02-23-2010 05:55 PM

The marina at the Sheraton (now the Hilton) in New Bern is $8 a foot with a year lease w/$15 a month "pedestal" fee and metered electric (cable and phone also available). No liveaboard fee. There is also Bridgepoint and Fairfield Harbour in the New Bern area. New facility at Bridgeton, but there ae financial problems there.

Don't remember the name, but there is a marina on Broad Creek (halfway between Oriental and the Bay River) that's supposed to be pretty reasonable. Also Vandemere Point on the Bay River.

Also in Bellhaven is River Forest, while Oriental has 4 or 5 different mainas. There's even a small marina at Bath on the Pamlico River.

And I've still missed some of them!

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