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svjobeth 05-30-2010 11:06 AM

Overhead Hatches in PSC 34...
We replaced the two overhead Bomar hatches in the V-Berth and saloon five years ago during an extensive update ("refit" isn't completely accurate) of "Jo Beth". This morning, we experienced an unusual and somewhat disturbing occurrence; however, the story begins last night.

Periods of heavy rain associated with a low spinning just offshore crossed over the marina throughout the late afternoon and early evening. The squalls were fast moving and short lived, but would dump buckets for a few minutes at a time. The boat stayed dry.

So early this morning, with mostly clear skies and gusty breezes outside, I'm at the saloon table doing some paperwork. Suddenly, a stream of water - and I mean a solid, uninterrupted stream - issued from the forward side (or outboard side at the front) of the saloon overhead hatch frame. It caught me off guard and I sat, dumbfounded, until I had the presence of mind to jump up and grab the roll of paper towels from the galley. The whole thing ran for perhaps 30 or 45 seconds before slowing to a steady drip. Within a couple of minutes, it was gone. Since then, we've had the occasional few drops, mostly when "Jo Beth" rocks to a wind gust.

These hatch installations have been bone dry since they were done in 2005. There's no staining on the headliner anywhere in the boat, and there's no puddling around the hatch frame or on the coachroof near the hatch. We've seen no evidence whatsoever of leaks on the sole, tables, fabrics, etc., in the vicinity of the hatch. And yes, the hatches themselves were dry from the weather of last night.

This has us a little concerned, as I see this as an indication that water has been stealthily collecting somewhere overhead. (I should point out the water that came in was clear.) I'm hopeful someone here can tell me what the coachroof structure is like around the hatch frames, (the hatches were installed by Hinckley Yacht Services, so we didn't see), and if anyone else has ever experienced a situation like this.

Many thanks in advance -

Norstar 05-31-2010 06:36 AM

Bill and Lisa,
Does your boat have the zippered headliner for easy access? Hopefully you can get in there and check out the area around the hatch and nearby deck penetrations of hardware for the leak. Good luck!

John S
PSC 34 # 201

svjobeth 05-31-2010 11:31 AM

John -

Yes, we have the zippered headliner, but the zippers haven't moved in years. They've been frozen and immovable since we got in the boat in '03. We've thought about trying to free them up, but the worry is, once unzipped, will they re-zip? (If anyone has any experience in this area, we're all ears...)

Incidentally, we did have more rain. Fortunately, no water came in at all.

We're off the boat until Friday, and left a bowl on the saloon table, so I'll report back over the weekend.

Thanks -

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